Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Together Now!

Ok, I'm back from the madness of Beatlemania and am happy to report that all my hard work was not in vain. The event was really fun, although it was quite humid in the gallery/soda shop... so it was a good thing I was scoring some free soda pop to quench my thirst. There was an amazing turnout for the art crawl and our event was abuzz with people loving on the Beatles. The go-go girls did a great job hyping up the crowd and we got lots of attention from camera wielding spectators.
I sold both of my pieces in the show quickly and barely got a chance to say goodbye to them. It turns out that one of them was bought by an out of towner and he had to take the piece that night instead of leaving it up to finish out the show. So when the next one sold I just waved it off as well. Bye bye records! The octopus was bought by a fellow who wants to turn it into a tattoo! And the Beatles piece is going in a sweet little girls room. I was honored my stuff went to good homes. Vinyl is hard to paint on but everyone loved it so much I may try my patience with a few more.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Beatlemania hasn't bitten the dust

Well this is the next event I'm involved in and I'm happy to say it's right down the street from my house in my very own little hood of Oak Cliff. It's part of the Oak Cliff art crawl going on that weekend. This is going to be fun, for one thing I LOVE the BEATLES, for another I LOVE SODA! And if that isn't enough....and it is really, I have a couple little pieces of art in this show. In fact I'm finishing one and starting one this weekend. It's the vinyl record paintings I've blogged about. I really want to take a picture to show you but then where's the mystique? Where's the unveiling? The big surprising moment? I will have to post after the opening dear readers! Wah wah wah! Im such a tease! If you are in the metreoplex do stop down for a sip and a sashay as I spin Beatles tunes and my lovely go go troupe makes ya dizzy Miss Lizzy!

Fun with Sinuses!

So my allergies and what is possibly a chicken bone lodged in my throat caused me to have one fun day on Monday. I had to go to TWO doctors offices, one my regular old quack and the other an "ear, nose, throat" specialist. That little photo up there of the scope? That is what was inserted into my nose, only that one looks a lot more high tech and the one I had probing me looked like it was circa 70. For real!
So the scope goes into your nose (after having some numbing spray squirted into your snoot that tastes like Pine Sol, you with me? PINE SOL!)and slides down your throat. Gag. GAG! The whole time I had my eyes closed trying to meditate away the scope. This isn't really happening. This isn't really happening. But it was happening and it was not fun, no not fun at all!
About the chicken bone, because I know you're dying to know. I ate some nice very soft baked chicken not too long ago. It was so soft the freaking bone came right off into my food and I ended up swallowing it. By the time I felt it poke the back of my throat there was no coughing the offender out. Then it moved a few days later to the nether regions of my throat. I am convinced it is still in there because I feel something painful when I try to sing. The doctor said my allergies and throat were so bad and red he couldn't see the bone and has me on all these meds and sprays. I have to go see him in another week and Im crossing my fingers the old retro scope sin't anywhere in sight for this! ;O Pray for me friends! This is some kind of voodoo it just has to be!

Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm still alive in this hive

Yes, I suck. And now that we've agreed on that I will get on with the post.
Spring is kicking my butt. Stuff is blooming and flying and sprouting which makes me sneezy, stuffy and turns my mouth sideways. I love the Spring but it kills me. Time to go back to Doctor for nose spray. Sigh!

I've just wrapped up a huge painting I haven't posted and started a new one and started another little experiment. I'm painting on vinyl as in records. Somehow a disdainful LoverBoy lp made it's way into my house and it has become my first experiment. Muah ha ha!

Also I have discovered Facebook and it is a little addictive but annoying, I admit. But that's only a small part of why I've been away from this blog so long. The other part is that I've kinda hit one of those energy slumps and I just don't feel like my vitamin c or octane is kicking in. I'm sure this has everything to do with allergies! But I will try, I have lots of photos to post and catch up on this blog so buzz along with me if you're still here!
Will post photos of LoverBoy desecration art when it's done!