Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Jeez, it's been a heck of a long time since I've blogged here. Let's get the buzz up to date. So all summer long I've been working methodically on my new series of works and here it is less than a week away and the art show will be on me. Putting together an art show is ball breaking. If I had balls they'd be broken. Putting together an art show and a Warhol themed Factory party all in one night is just nuts. Add on top of that we're competing for a crowd with the DOMA and you'll see the burden I face with promoting the whole shebang. I have a good feeling though, that a lot of people will trickle down while they're in Dallas. At best we shall get the eclectic types who are tired of the norm and maybe only come out for such occasions where they can dress as Candy Darling or Andy and bypass the hubub of barhoppers on Greenville.
At any rate I've put together a top notch show and am excited to show my work again. A trip to the store for edibles and we'll be well on our way to getting the party started. I even made a special decoration for the party in the form of the iconic banana!

Dig that messy studio I'm working in! Well, it's really the computer room slash laundry room slash studio. Anyway that's what is going on right now. I've got some vacation time in September to recoop from all this hooplah and I'm hoping to get some more paintings worked on. In case you're interested here is what's going on Saturday: