Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happiness is a warm bun

I'm trying to be better about updating my blog as I work on getting my little business up and running. Yesterday I got my giant box of record mailing boxes! WOOHOO! Starting to look like a little biz around here. This morning I ordered my first roll of bubble wrap, a couple rolls of packing tape and my shipping supplies will be complete. Now I'm on the quest to research a good printer that will do some nice giclee printing so I can expand my shop into other areas and not just records. Going to learn screen printing this summer and branch out. Yesterday I got my first customer appreciation photo! So excited! That little bunny record was commissioned by a facebook friend who is starting his own little music lab and wanted it to be christened with a bunny art record. He sent me a great photo and it really made my day. The desire to do this for a living and make people happy with little pieces of my heart is in full swing.

Jacob and his bunny record

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fresh Wax!
In between commission orders I've tried to sneak in a little extra record to put on Etsy, I'm curious how well they will do there. I sold one last week and am experimenting with another. The whole weekend was consumed with record painting and shipping and yesterday I had "one of those days" finally....I was wondering when it would come. One of those days when nothing was coming out right. I was having issue after issue with paint not drying properly, messy bleeding lines...finally I just had to stop and say it wasn't meant to be today. I'll jump on the wagon today. It happens. If you're not in the mood I have found forcing it to not be the best idea. Learning curve, I'm on it!
I'm hoping my gridwall and shipping supplies come in today. That will boost my spirits! Reading a lot of small businesses advice and trying to stay motivated as I hit that last treacherous part of my close you can taste it but not quite there yet. Have to stay on track and stick to my guns.
Happy creating and reading!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let the Records Show!

So much to blog so little alertness this morning. I'll start with telling you about these little records I've been painting. I know I've blogged about them before but they have become a big interest of mine of late.
Any time I had my painted records somewhere to show they would immediately get bought up so I figured these records were perfectly fine little canvasses to work on and I would continue on them and see where I could go with them. Of late I've been doing floral designs and coating the records in full vibrant colors....ding, ding, ding-we have a winner! People are loving them and I couldn't be happier. Nothing sparks a boost of confidence in an artist like people snatching up their little works like hotcakes. I have orders upon orders and as soon as I get through the orders I have potential shows. Not enough time in the day! So grateful that my work is appreciated and thankful that I can sit long enough to work on them. I have not forgotten the days when sitting for 5 minutes was a painful endeavor. On that front,still working hard at getting my back strong. It's been a tough trip with this injury but I think these little records pulled my spirits back up. That and the support of all my friends and lots of supportive strangers! I just started a facebook fan page for my art and the support has been amazing.
At any rate when I get caught up on orders you can find my new records and other art pieces at my etsy shop!