Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Every morning before I get out of bed I thank the powers that be for everything. Life, Health, Friends, Family, Shelter, Food, Clothing, Love and for the ability to work with my hands to put food on the table. The feeling of gratitude is overwhelming.
Leaving the house to go to the post office with a heavy bag to ship off to customers- WONDERFUL. I will gladly carry that heavy load!
My Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale was GREAT! Sold lots of pieces to friends and strangers. Truly a time to be thankful.
Yesterday was Cyber Monday and completely dead in my shop until the sun went down. Promptly sold both of my English Tea Boxes, a hefty handful of holiday cards and a record mirror! Thankfully my trip to get supplies yesterday was fruitful and I have lots of blank boxes and more mirrors for making. Happy, yes I am happy right now. I love making things for other people to enjoy!
Now that the sale is over I'll be getting down to the commissions I've got and still offering some deals in my shop: FREE shipping on Holiday cards until Dec. 10th and $3 off RECORDS in the U.S until Dec. 10th. Got some stuff to pack up nice and ship away, busy day! Have a wonderful day!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Day Off

Mondays are typically my day off from being crafty in the studio. But I would hardly call it a day off. Up at 5:30 to check the shop, charge the ipod and get ready for Pilates and the Post Office. Taking all the orders to ship out today!
Then it will be a quick bite of lunch downtown and jumping the train to go get more supplies. Then back on the train downtown to catch another bus homeward- I'm figuring this is going to be an all day affair and I'll be putting in as many hours as most of you heading out to work today.
But this evening Im doing NOTHING!
Today is the last day of the big sale I've been running, tomorrow the BLACKCYBER1 code becomes inactive and I have the fun task of changing every listing manually back to normal. So BUY EVERYTHING so I don't have to do this! Ha!
Sold a bunch of Christmas cards, listed a few more and will be starting on commissioned stuff so people can have their gifts in time.
Wish me luck or another pot of coffee, here I go!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Addition and Subtraction

The shop looked bare without mirrors so first thing after breakfast I got busy with my REAL COLORED VINYL 45's! They look so cool with light coming through them! I just listed them today so they are on sale at a great price. Check em out in my shop!
Also just listed a Flora record in BLUE! My first blue flora- looks really pretty

Sold one Telescope print, so all in all a productive day in the beehive. Now I'm going to pack up my orders to ship out tomorrow and kick back with some pie...possibly a little holiday decorating later if the mood strikes me. Have a great Sunday evening!

Shipping and Receiving

The Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale is in progress. Here's what sold yesterday. This lovely Rooster Cut Out Record (the color is FABULOUS) and my little Coco Flor mirror

which leaves no mirrors in my shop and the vinyl is getting low! I'll be working in the beehive today to put a few more things in the shop for CYBER MONDAY!
Discounted my gift tags even more

And did I mention the holidays just got even busier in my hive? I'll be doing a POP UP SALE next month but will update you on that later. For now have a wonderful Sunday, go scoop up some holiday deals and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sale in progress!

The sale is in full swing and will be going all weekend long and into CYBER MONDAY! If you use the discount code BLACKCYBER1 you get 20% off the price you see. Wonderful deals! Here's what sold yesterday- the Flora Cabernet record above and this sweet Ringo Record Mirror!

Don't let any more sweet deals slip through your fingers! Today Im offering the first customer of the day a FREE Holiday card with purchase- complete the handmade gift with a handmade card. So thoughtful!
For the gardener or for your first herb garden:
This sweet little handpainted Jaguar pot. The word "JARDIN" is Spanish for Garden- totally sweet in the kitchen with a nice herb plant growing in it. Discounted price $12.80!

For the Tea Drinker:
An English Tea Box is the perfect gift for that person you know who takes tea like clockwork everyday! WOnderful box holds LOTS of tea bags so you can minimize all those cardboard tea boxes taking up space in your cupboard. Cheers mate! New discount price $28.80!

I could go on....and on but just check out my shop and you'll see what a great deal you can find if you shop this weekend! Shop my Etsy Sale: http://www.tigerbee.etsy.com

Friday, November 26, 2010

Release the Hounds!

Just finished a Fox Box for the shop and I'm pretty enamored with it I must say! The store is now fully stocked with boxes, vinyl record art, paintings, cute flower pots and some holiday cards...something for everyone! For him, for her, for the gardener, for the tea drinker and trinket collector, for the artistically inclined, rocker or a record lover. Do go check out the SWEET DEALS- take 20% off the price you see by using the code BLACKCYBER1 when you check out. And all the holiday cards have FREE SHIPPING on top of their 20% markdown. All hand made! All hand painted! Unique and made with Love!
Where? Here! http://www.tigerbee.etsy.com

Everything with the exception of paintings looks to be under $44.00!

Let's all give a warm send off to my Bike and Bunny record, he was sold yesterday and will be off to California soon. Bon Voyage Bun Bun!
I'm going to make another treasury today to thank some of the kind sweet people who have put me in some of late and then I'm going to poke around Etsy's Black Friday Sales and see what I can see.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and found lots to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sitting here waiting for the cold front to come in before I pop a pecan pie in the oven and feeling thankful. I'm about to prepare a few items to add to the Thanksgiving spread and will be spending Thanksgiving with my family and not logging on until this evening when I prepare to launch the Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale in my shop. I have a lot to be thankful for and I'm really going to focus on that, today of all days. This will be my first Thanksgiving without my loving Dad there, a bittersweet holiday, but again- thankful for all the times we had together and really am feeling like his warm presence is always with me.
Be thankful for these moments we take for granted, that won't always be there. Remember to say thanks for all you have, that many don't. And on that note Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank YOU for keeping up with lil ol' me in the beehive, keep it kind!

(pictured above "Snowflake Holiday Keeper Box" for sale in my Etsy shop)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Starting on Friday you can use the code BLACKCYBER1 in my shop when you check out and your discount will be applied to your purchase.
If you have another discount code -put that in the "message to seller" field and I will manually discount it and refund it to your paypal. Confused yet?!
It's easy, you'll be fine! The code starts working on FRIDAY but people are already shopping. And since most of my stuff is one of a kind I do suggest if you want it-you get it ASAP.
I have been getting queries and questions on items and some of my favorite things are about to go. This time of season is a big deal for us little businesses so I appreciate your business and purchase- you are helping me continue on and for that I am so thankful!
Going to ship out orders first thing and then get cracking in the studio making, making, making...I have a feeling it's going to be a good time for business!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Mojo

My spidey senses were telling me to wait to go to the post office and lo and behold- another sale! This is my favorite little record that I worked super long on. Thought a lot about my Dad while I worked on this...Mexican cactus and pretty palomitas. Shipping day tomorrow and good mojo keep on flowing!


Yesterday was spent in the studio working on another box. My English Tea Time got lots of hearts so I decided to make another in time for the big sale this weekend. Also worked on some Christmas cards and hand delivered a painted record. Busy day!
Today may find me biking to the nearest post office to shoot off that Ramones box which brings me to the subject of packing and packaging! I've been seeing some very nice eco-friendly ways of packaging and need to wrap my brain around my own idea about what works for my items. HMMMM! Any ideas? Simple but eco-friendly, not a lot of paper and frills. If I come up with any ideas I'll fill you in.
On my walk home from the doctors I noticed a lot of nice little things I could use for my natural wreath I'm planning on making. I plan on doing a HOW TO on the blog when I get that started. I really should go scoop up those little holly boughs and nice vines before someone gets the wise idea to rake their yard.
My Mom gave me some nice little pieces of wood she found, they came off some old drawers and have the nice dovetails and everything. I am inspired to make me a sign to hang outside. Going to poke around the web for ideas on using these little niceties!
Today will be THANK YOU card making day and that will be my Creative Challenge offering this week. Will post pics when they're done.
Everyone is off enjoying the holidays this week but a busy bees work is never done. Am definitely looking forward to doing NOTHING on Thanksgiving day..nothing but eating and enjoying my family. Buzzing off, keep it kind!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Mojo

SOLD! To the man with good taste on Etsy, whoever you are thank you! I'm gonna miss my boys!

one little, two little, three little treasuries

Good Etsy karma in the air this week! This is my third treasury...it's a mod, mod world! Check out the InfamousDB's treasury:

So much clickitty goodness! I will have to do a Thanksgiving treasury and thank all these treasurers this week!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Friday-Cyber Monday SALE!

I've been working really hard to get ready for my big BLACK FRIDAY-CYBER MONDAY SALE. I'll be discounting everything in my shop by 20-30% so save your pennies because it will never be priced this cheap again!
If you have a coupon code you can use that toward your purchase on top of the discount! I have a whole range of things in my shop and will be adding more throughout the week, also lots of handmade holiday cards will be discounted too so add one to your gift and make it super special! I will ship immediately so your gift arrives on time. Peek at the shop and make your shopping list! TIGER BEE ARTS ON ETSY


A little THANK YOU to these blogs which threw a little love-ity love my way this past week! Check out these blogs:


Since my computer is running on an outdated everything it won't let me post comments to some of the blogs. Dag nabbit! Will have to sneak onto the boyfriends computer sometime this week and give you personal smiles :-)
*Also big THANKS to the friends who reposted my links on facebook, told your friends and put me in treasuries! We little businesses depend on word of mouth to help spread the word- if you did this you are helping me eat Thanksgiving dinner and keep my heat on this winter. Blessings to you!

Creative Challenge: CREATED!

I was thrilled to get a few bites on my Creative Challenge of the week. The Challenge being CREATE SOMETHING THIS WEEK- it could have been anything from a song, sketch, casserole (share the recipe please!), doodle...anything. Here are some creations for you to enjoy!
Featured above is Dexter Sleeping by San Francisco artist Rene Rodriguez. Not only is Rene a talented artist, triathalonist and awesome gal- she's also my sister! Dexter is my honorary nephew- isn't he cute! Sweet dreams Dexter!

Next in the queue is a wonderful poem/handmade creation by local (sometimes) Carlin Stultz. Carlin is one of my art collectors as well as being a wonderful supporter of the local music scene in DFW. Here is her creation Heartbroken and she has sewn up the heart with mementos inside, one of which is this little poem she wrote: "Teach me to sew & I'll sew back your heart.
To how it was before the lies & betrayal did start.
The innocence, the joy & hope for tomorrow.
You deserve it as well as I do, with no sorrow.
I'll reserve just a little space for me to abide.
So you can keep my true love & loyalty inside."
-Carlin Stultz
I think it's wonderfully sweet!
Here is one of my own creations this week:

This is just one of the many pair of TOMS shoes I had the honor of painting yesterday. If you scroll a few posts down you can read more about TOMS but the big thing to note is that for every pair of shoes thats bought at TOMS they give away a pair for free to a child in need. I think they just hit the millionth pair and are still trekking. It was really a lot of fun and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside to participate in this. The girl who got her cherry blossom shoes came to find me and tell me she loved them and THANKS!
Which brings us to our next weeks creative challenge. Since it's the week of Thanksgiving the Creative Challenge is to create a THANK YOU something this week. Whatever it may be, get creative and keep it kind!
(Want to participate in the creative challenge? Send your creation to djtigerbee@electriclollipop.com)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gabba Gabba Hey!

Just finished a Ramones keepsake box for the etsy store. Perfect gift for that moody punk rocker in your life? Hey ho, let's go.....check it out!

A Tale of Two Treasuries

Have you ever just not been feeling the love? And then out of the blue you are pleasantly surprised from the most unlikely source? Well, that was me yesterday. I had asked my facebook friends to share my link around and got all of two people to help me. Little Red Hen much? I'm showing my age with that comment! :-)
Anyway by the end of the night I had been featured in TWO treasuries by total Etsy strangers, how's that for the world being a wonderful place? Funny thing is-they are both featuring the same record. Twiggy- you are adored!
Check out both treasuries as they are both stocked with wonderful stuff, first on the queue was a treasury by
GetReadySetGO with a vinyl record lean.

Baby, Put Your Records ON!
Check out the previous post for more on GetReadySetGO!

Get your kicks on CARNABY STREET at Flapperdoodle's fab little retro treasury! And DO check out Flapperdoodles shop and meet Ramona and Eloise, her fantastic flapper characters that are so whimsical and elegant I was smitten immediately.

Thank you unknown comrades in the handmaking army, thanks for taking the time to show a little care. And isn't that what it's all about?

Hive Five!

Many moons ago, before life got strange and complicated, I used to do a Five For Friday blog spotlight on Etsy sellers who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. That place being the Promotions Forum on Etsy and the right time being quick enough to just say "ME ME ME!" and be the first five.
I decided to resume the tradition ( and while I can't say it will happen every Friday it will happen at least once a month) and bring to you todays lucky 5, let's give them all Hive Fives for all their hard work. Handmaking is a labor of love:

Kneatknit Creations Kneatknit knits all kinds of lovely scarves and hats and I was particularly drawn to this "short" scarf- such a pretty green! It's an acrylic and wool blend and looks super warm for the upcoming winter ahead. Kneatknit will be running a Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale so go make your list and catch a deal!

Hampshire Rose You know darn well what is right around the corner, you've probably even stopped eating just so you can prepare for it. THANKSGIVING! Luckily for you all your fun photos and memories can be preserved in one of Hampshire Roses little mini albums! Each page looks so fun to turn and there are many themes to choose from so get snappin'!

Elephant Trunk Studio I am loving this print over at Elephant Trunk Studio! There is also a smaller mini version but wouldn't this look lovely framed on your wall? Love the "wrinkly" technique that went into this, lots of elephants over here-stomp on over!

GreenGabby is a new store and I really favor these unique holiday cards! Lovely design (you all know I heart Nature) and simple, not your average square card! These come with envelopes and are really striking, there are also snowflakes and other styles so go peep them out!

Our last Hive Five goes out to
Can you believe I only got FOUR takers for free promotion yesterday? GetReadySetGO just happened to put me in a Treasury last night as I was waiting for my fifth taker- and that dear sirs and madams is the stuff rewards are made of!
I chose this lovely case out of her collection of beautiful vintage hand embellished luggage and cases because- I have one just like it! Only it's not just like it really- it doesn't have that really cool black feather design and is rather beat up and dusty. These are wonderful for your cosmetics and have a gigantic mirror so you can get gussied up on the go. Check out her fab collection now!
Big HIVE FIVES to all the makers out there, you make the world a more wonderful place!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Would you care for a spot of tea ol' boy?

One lump or two? And do you take cream? Of course you do!
Just finished my English Tea Box which would make a fab gift for your favorite tea drinking mate! Cheers!


Yesterdays trip to get art supplies proved fruitful as is proven by that lovely picture of my Paciugo treat! Dark chocolate vs Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel...mmm!
I couldn't have chosen a better day to go box hunting, not only was the store fully stocked with new boxes but the weather was gorgeous. When you commute by train and bus you have to pay close attention to the weather forecast. When I heard Wednesday was going to be the warmest day of the week I marked that as THE day.
Overheard lots of funny and interesting conversations on my trip. One guy proclaimed he was going to see someone who he thought was dead but turned out not to be.
What a wonderful surprise it must've been to find out someone you thought was lost forever really wasn't and you could make up for lost time. He had health problems and used a cane. I sat listening to him and some other people talk about the cane he made out of pecan wood. When the lady he was talking to brought up making a cane from bamboo he said "Oh I've made a cane from bamboo before. You know those make good pipes and bongs?". He then regaled them with the tale that the lady he was going to see (the one he thought was dead) had hung out with Joan Baez in San Francisco in the 60's, his exact words were "they would walk down Haight, smoking marijuana and passing out flowers. If you can smoke marijuana and pass out flowers with Joan Baez then you are the right kinda person!"
Got a tasty lunch at Central Market and sat down at the long table facing the street. Midway through my charred eggplant and capers an older man sat down across from me and struck up a conversation. He was humorous and we talked about where we were in life. He asked what I did and I said "Starving artist" and then we both laughed at the full plate of food in front of me.
Turns out he is an actor and producer working on a movie. He asked if he could have the food I was going to toss to give to the birds outside. Apparently this is a ritual thing for him. We exchanged business cards and then I was en route to my Paciugo and art supply mission.

Saw a few of these boogers. Out of Service trains that get your hopes up and then kick you in the shins when they get close enough to read.
There was a generally friendly vibe in the air, strangers talking to each other, sharing stories and advice. Not long after I got home the winds started howling and the temps started dropping. Got my supply run done in the nick of time!
Todays project is finishing the English Tea Box I've been working on and visiting my Mom.
Have a great one and keep it kind!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Style Your Sole

This Saturday I'll be at Nordstrom at Northpark from 1-4 doing a Style Your Sole event! I can custom paint your pair of TOMS on the spot! I'll be there with a few other artists working hard to customize your Toms so that they are uniquely yours. What I love most about this event, besides making your feet happy- for every pair of TOMS shoes you buy they donate a brand new pair of shoes to a child in need. ONE FOR ONE is what they call it. I'm really looking forward to participating and helping the cause along. You can find out more about their efforts on their blog and check out their site-they have some super cute shoes! Be sure and come check me out at Nordstrom this Saturday in the BP shoe department!

Taking time to smell the leaves

The leaves have turned some amazing shades of yellow, orange and red and today I get to step out and enjoy the foliage. Sort of. I'll be en route to gather more supplies but will take time to smell the roses....er, leaves.
I'm going box hunting! Need some boxes for some commissions and I'd like to stock the store with a particular favorite- Tea Boxes.
I'm also out of felt and want to glance at holiday stamps. Slightly addicted to making Christmas cards right now shall we say?
While I'm out and about I suppose I'll stop at Paciugo and treat myself for all my hard work. The Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel I had a sample of has been singing it's siren song to me for weeks. I will just get the smallest size, Thanksgiving is coming up and I don't need any more extra calories if I can help it.
Yesterday I did some more cards (sequin and swarovski card pictured above - now in the etsy shop ) and primered some commission boxes. Had a couple of friends tell me they would be taking me up on my CREATIVE CHALLENGE so I can't wait to see what they come up with. Slowly but surely the Etsy store is being stocked for the BLACK FRIDAY-CYBER MONDAY SALE. I'll talk more about that soon.
Until then, happy creating and keep it kind!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Challenge: Create

Yesterday I posed a challenge to my facebook friends: create one thing this week and I would spotlight it in my blog. It could be a dish you made, a painting, sketch, song, photo, poem, story, a well writ blog post...it's pretty open ended as long as it was created this week. Fresh and new!
As a gal with NO CAR I rarely get to go to art openings, see bands play, dinner parties, etc. I thought this would be a great way to keep up with my talented friends as well as get my friends brains buzzing. So check back for updates on that front mixed in with my usual rants and raves.
Did not accomplish cleaning the studio yesterday as my Pilates class drained every ounce of my will to stay vertical. Yep, the afternoon and evening succumbed to eating tamales in bed, napping with my cat and some of that TV watching business.
All business today though, Tuesdays are my Mondays. That makes perfect sense.

Monday, November 15, 2010

National HOW ARE YOU DOING Day or how the Like Button Killed Dialog

So you've tweeted how many beers you drank at Bar X, logged your heart rate and exercise workout on some fancy schmancy app and let your friends know every detail of your lunch and @what restaurant you ate it.com....you've had a BUSY day!!!

You've "checked in" to buy groceries at Walmart and I can only hope twitter.com/catburglar hasn't been tracking your every move and knows you're not at home babysitting the XBOX. You pressed the LIKE button about 40 times on your FB friends pages and that qualifies as "keeping in touch". Some people who used to be good friends of mine I only know are still alive because they "LIKED" a youtube link I posted.

The world is becoming weird. Do you know what your Mom had for lunch @what restaurant? Maybe let's "check in" to the real world and maybe send a comprehensive and concerned message written in the English (Spanish, Japanese, whatever you speak) language to a friend or family member instead of hitting LIKE and moving on with logging our every move of the day. I declare today "Ask someone how they are doing day!"
How do you celebrate this day? Simply ask someone "How are you doing?" be it a stranger or friend. A good candidate could also be the person who asked how you were doing and your reply was something that resembled :-) or THX!
And maybe lay off that LIKE button just a little bit, just for today.

I Heart Mondays

Mondays, mondays....the bane of everyones existence. I happen to like Mondays but then again I'm not reporting to a cubicle right now. Maybe in due time I will hate them again too. I like that Monday is the start of a new week and as sadistic as it sounds it is a day I put myself through a lot of pain. 3 miles on the elliptical machine, 30 minutes of strength training and an hour getting my butt kicked by Delia- my Pilates instructor who has a killer body for a woman who I'm guessing is in her late forties/early fifties. Yowch you should see this woman! So I basically physically disable myself for about two days after class. But every week I can feel my body getting stronger and I remember my very first class with Delia and how broken my back was and how weak everything was. It's enough to keep me on track every Monday like clockwork.
Monday is also studio cleaning day. I'm really going to put some thought into this today and try to make my studio neat and comprehensible, I'd like to submit my studio photo to the Etsy group pool. I have a thing for looking at other peoples studios. Nerdy, I know.

Yesterday I made some Christmas cards and gift tags and practiced "staging" photos. I think my gift tags photo came out pretty snazzy if I may say so. And of course, playing with Christmas decorations is always fun. I made a small advertisement for my Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale which you can peep here
and just tightened up some things in my Etsy shop.
New week, lots to do. Busy in the hive trying to stay alive!
Keep it kind.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have paintbrush will travel

Keeping your eyes open for opportunity is a great way to not be on the far side of the house when Opportunity comes a-knockin'. Woke up to find that I've secured a gig for next Saturday...painting! I'll get a nice days pay for a few hours of painting work and I get to get out of the house and hang out at the mall. I never go to the mall. Maybe once a year. Will have to fight the temptation to go into Bath and Bodyworks and spend all my pay.
Thank you for listening Universe and please keep it coming!

Spent yesterday finishing the Mondrian record and completing a Chinese folk paper cut design record. Read a TON about marketing, what I need to do to sell for the holidays and how to take better photos. I am experimenting with these settings I never knew I had on my camera and practicing "styling" the photo. Here is my simple attempt at staging with my Mondrian record

Staging makes the photo a little more interesting and creative. It will draw the viewer in for a better look. Need tons of practice with this but will have plenty of opportunity to practice.
Today I'm working on Christmas cards and gift tags. Found some wonderful paper in my stash of remnants I can't wait to start on. Crafty weekend for me! Look for me at the mall next weekend, I'll have more details on where I'll be this week. Until then- have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Everybodys working for the weekend

And some of us are working ON it!
I've found that I like working on the weekend- in the studio that is. Have been doing lots of research on marketing, advertising and how to sell during the upcoming holiday season. Can we say MAJOR TO DO LIST?! ACK! I have missed most of the major trade shows this season but have to give myself some slack- I've been busy building "product" that was sorely needed. And now I have to make more.
Also interested in link swapping -so if you have an artsy/crafty blog or link let's swap and help spread the word together.
Ok much to do, much to do...getting ready for a Black Friday sale on etsy means more time in the studio. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Freshen it Up Friday

It's Friday and it looks like rain in the forecast so I've decided to spend a good chunk of the morning CLEANING and freshening up the place. My studio has gotten a little on the messy side as you can see from the photo. By the by... I put gridwall up around my table to kind of "lock" myself in away from my cats who like to come a'bothering when they see me not giving them my every minutes attention. It sort of works, sometimes and of course my guy has taken to calling me Louie DePalma (the show taxi, Danny Devito sits in a little dispatch cage) which is hilarious!
Yesterday found me working on some Christmas cards and a Mondrian record and researching more marketing advice. One sale a week is not going to keep a roof over my head so I need to ramp things up, look for some local consignment places and hit a different audience. Should be getting some nice promotional materials I ordered next week.

The holidays are coming up and it's nice to be home and in the moment to enjoy them. Am going to work on some Christmas card sets this afternoon and hopefully discover some magic marketing venue online that won't require a big advertising fee. Being your own boss is the hardest work you can do. Poor but happy right now and sure things will start looking up in time.
The Winter Solstice treasury had three sales last time I checked. That is pretty cool, I am glad I was able to promote some other peoples shops and get them some business. Support handmade! If you've not seen my latest stuff go here:
TIGER BEE and if you want to get 20% off your next purchase sign up for my mailing list here:
Happy Friday everyone!