Monday, October 20, 2008

New Hive!

This bee is finally all moved into her new hive! Excuse the absence from blogging, I am still not connected to my DSL so blogs have been scant. As has the time to blog. I didn't know how much stuff I had amassed in all the time I was living at my old hive. Oh. My. God. It was such a nightmare to move. I will have to catch everyone up on the new hive with pics - as soon as my DSL gets connected. Hopefully soon, till on!

Friday, October 03, 2008

I feel loved

My friend Rich gave me a little blog love over at his new endeavor "Hint of Mint", cruise on over to his stylin' blog and read all about it. I really needed some love today, I'm moving, work is busy as all get out and everything feels like chaos right now. Thanks Rich! (waves!)
Hint of Mint

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sounds from Espionage Lodge

First 15 people at the Spy Night Party will get one of these limited edition cd's free!

Sounds From Espionage Lodge as complied by DJ Tigerbee(me!)

1.Theme From "Danger in Go-Go Boots" - Carlo Montez
2.Come Spy With Me - Smoky Robinson
3.Spybeat - Langhorns
4.Elevator Operator - Gene Clark
5.Devious Means - Thee Mighty Caesars
6.Guns Fever (Blam Blam Fever) - The Valentines
7.007 - Desmond Dekker
8.High Wire (Theme From "Danger Man") - The Bob Leaper Orchestra
9.James Bond Theme - Ray Barretto
10.Light My Fire - Erma Franklin
11.Hot Pants - The Tony Brans Band
12.Karma Sitar - 101 Strings
13.Tom Cat - Muddy Waters
14.Requiem Por Un Con - Serge Gainsbourg
15.Acka Raga - Shocking Blue
16. Le Blon - The City Of Westminster Strings Band
17.Bedazzled - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
18.Haschish Party - Georges Garvarenz
19.Mission Impossible - Laika & The Cosmonauts
20.Rouge Rouge - Christie Luame
21.The Silencers - Patti Seymour
22.Run - Sandy Shaw
23.Theme from Dr.No - Playboys
24.Espionage - Los Straitjackets
25.Secret Agent Man - Muffinmates
26.Her Majesty's Secret Service - The Original Onions
27.Mystery! -????
(much thanks to DJ Bill Luther, Slab Bacon and Capn Groovy for delivering some of these cuts!)