Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Shape of Things To Come

Right now our album is being made into little round cd shapes and in 2 weeks we'll have em in our hot little hands! This is just an 11 song debut, a history of all the songs we've written together with our old drummer Chuck Spurlock who is no longer in the band. Putting out this album has taken it's toll to be sure but I think we're ready to move forward up the mountain with our new drummer Guyton and get this record heard. We pressed a small 500 run so if anyones interested in getting this album let me know, we havent even discussed how much we're charging but it won't be expensive.
We had our first practice in 9 months yesterday and it wasn't as catastrophic as I thought it would be. However I did learn two things, fingers ain't what they used to be and guitar needs to go to the hospital finally. Alignment, intonation, the whole 9 yards....poor baby. My gigging amp is blown as well so being in a band ain't cheap! ;-(
Aside from getting this album out I'm juggling the June ART&COFEE show coming up as well as Gingerama in the same weekend. It's a good thing I have vacation next week, I think Im taking 2 solid days to work on record art before pushing it all aside for some R&R. Ok maybe 3 days...I know myself too well.
Remind me to post my hiking adventure here...let's just say it was not my intention to try and kill my boyfriend and there is a magical princess on a dashing steed who makes an appearance as well! Interested in The Shapes? We're linked in the sidebar of my blog!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Just got my copy of the Wichita Falls Literature and Art Review and had a good old fashioned jump for joy. I'm officially PUBLISHED! Such a special moment for an artist! My piece "telescope" was reproduced in wonderful vibrant color alongside a bunch of great art and poetry and writing. Such a thrill! Big thanks to the art editor Richard Carter for finding something in my work he liked.
Prints are available of "telescope" in my etsy shop for $12 and I hand sign each one.
;-) Happy day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prime Time

Yesterday I spent the morning priming records and the better part of the afternoon doing two orders. A friend of mine requested her Chinese zodiac animal-A Tiger, to be put on a record and here is the end result
which I posted on facebook and immediately got a ton of feedback on. Now I have some more orders in the queue for Tiger&Blossom and it also sparked some custom orders. Busy bee over here! I am really gonna need that week of vacation thats coming up in less than 2 weeks!
I have to get ready for the June Art&Coffee that's hosted by ArtLoveMagic and a friend of mine is also talking to me about doing a few vinyl pieces for an impromptu show (more details TBA) in June. June is going to be a happening month. I'm gonna try to crack out a record order every evening until I'm caught up.
(Want to pre-order a Tiger&Blossom? $40 I'll be updating my facebook group with instructions on pre-orders this week!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Studio Life

Clean sweep! Yesterday I tackled my studio and cleaned, straightened, rearranged and organized and I can't tell you how good it feels to walk into a room and feel inspired to create again. My studio is also my dining room but I have made it work for the purpose of a studio-as we broke starving artists must do.
I have my big window back and lots of light streaming in and it really did make me smile when I walked in there this morning. I can start on some projects today feeling like there is one less thing to tackle on my list.
I have decided I need to make a lightbox. It's been a long time coming. I won't get to it today but maybe next week. It makes your photos so much more professional looking.
Today I pass off all the files for The Shapes album. It's hard to believe at long last this thing is finally going to be released. If I think about all that has to be done in that regard I will drive myself crazy so for today just enjoying a day off, working on some more records and hopefully a long gorgeous walk in the Texas sunshine.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

oranges and merengue

Finally a day off and the sicky spell I've been under seems to be going away. Woke up today full of creative energy so I think I will tackle my studio today. Sold a L'Orange and have to make another for a customer. I am loving that I now have a working printer to help me with my fonts and designs, the possibilities just grew by leaps and bounds!
Woke up to an email- someone wants to give me a stash of their old records. BY ALL MEANS! Please pawn off your Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, Loverboy and Hall and Oates on me..I will turn them into recycled record art and they will be loved once again!
I have also discovered a better way to attach the hangers on the backs of the records. Good ol' glue gun, is there nothing you can't do? So the records are just getting better with time and hopefully I'll have some time to work on a canvas soon. Theres a big juicy blank canvas sitting in my studio and I'm itching for some gallery time.
Speaking of which, I have had the pleasure of meeting up with an Art group in town called ArtLoveMagic that just seems to be doing the most amazing stuff. They throw art, music, live performance shows and they all seem very inclusive and open minded and dedicated to giving opportunities to artists wherever they can. Really?! In Dallas?!
I was fortunate to meet up with one of the founders over a big hunk of Norma's merengue pie and discuss the possibility of collaborating on something. I left with a good feeling in my gut that at long last I have met some people with some common ground after dealing with a lot of negative, pretension and territorialism that seems so rampant in this city. This feels good and I expect some good stuff to arise from this. If anything I definitely left our meeting inspired and hopeful.
Reconnected with an old friend who is helping me get my website back up to speed. So thankful. So thankful for nice friends who pop out of the woodwork with a smile and a helping hand. (Thank you Ryan Simpson!)
Hopefully my next post will find me telling you about The Shapes album thats about to be released. Heres a teaser photo of the cover...I really can't wait to get this thing OUT it's been years working on this thing and it only clocks in at like 31 minutes or something. Just a little heartfelt rock and roll album from a little band in Texas. Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!

check the sidebar on the left for a link to The Shapes facebook page!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just wanted to update with a new vinyl record art-now listed in my etsy shop. Inspired by little seed packets and old retro floral prints...I think it would look nice in a kitchen above a spicy spice rack. Working on an orange flavored one and then it's time to get back to a commission I have- a tiger record. Roar!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My website has been down since January so yesterday while I was home with the crud I called up the support team and got that thing back up. Granted, it's a slow work in progress and I'm having to start from scratch but the most basic of basic info is back up and that makes me feel a little better.
Some friends offered to help get it snazzy so looking forward to teaming up with people with know-how to accomplish that daunting task.
Home with the crud again, breathing and speaking hurt so I'm just gonna shut up and take meds and sleep most likely. I do so hate being sick!
But havent been a complete slog- posted a painting on Ebay because I hear people actually buy art on there, check thelisting and you'll see the painting up for auction.
Updated my flickr with some photos of the records and will try to be better about tagging, posting and updating...all this stuff you gotta do to keep your name and links out there. Promoting yourself is feeling like the hardest job on the planet right now. Looking into google analytics and trying to figure out the ins and outs of increasing traffic. Bored yet? Me too!
The crazy winds in Texas are kicking something sinister into my nasal caves and making it hard to concentrate-so with that I bid my dear readers adieu for the day. Keep creating and finding your inspiration in the most unseemly places!
When I return to blogsville I will update you on something cool on my calendar and a little info about a new arty group I've met up with that give me hope for this town yet!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Down with allergies today but wanted to update the blog with my new banner! I have had the same banner at my etsy shop for a long time. So I have updated it a bit and will make some more to keep the shop looking fresh. I just added two new vinyl art records so if you've been wanting one grab em now!
Patiently waiting on my allergies to get in check so I have the energy to sit and work on stuff but thats what I have for now. Thanks for popping in and check out the new pieces!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Commencing Countdown Engines On

Gridwall is here! What is gridwall? Its that cagey looking stuff you see at little craft/art fairs or really anywhere someone is selling stuff. It's used to hang stuff on and soon it's going to be used to hang MY stuff on! It is starting to come together piece by piece, slowly but surely.
This weekend in between working, a friends crawfish boil and Mothers Day I plan to re-do my little working space in my dining room. I share it with my cats and it's in constant upheaval and right now it is just not working. I need the big window to sit by in order to be happy. I need the Spring sunshine coming in but right now that window is blocked with an ugly shelving unit. Time to make my space an inspirational place to work.
Aside from piece-mealing my little soon to be biz together I'm counting down the days until I can leap from the cliff of the workaday world and see if I can sink or swim. It's time to challenge myself and change it up. That and getting ready to release the Shapes album in a few weeks.
I am on day 58 of my countdown.
I have put the prints back in the shop and acquired a new scanner/printer...nothing fancy but should get the job of invoices, basic printing done, etc. Every week from here on out will be chipping away at the mountain little by little. Still scouting out consignment shops and various places to get the records in.