Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain and Raccoons

Dallas has been totally rainy of late. It's kind of been hell on my back as I'm suddenly a human barometer. I can tell you it's gonna rain before the meteorologist does and of course my physical therapy was a total butt kicking yesterday so I'm non-functional today. Todays word is PAIN, which rhymes with RAIN...but that's ok. I'm dealing.
Rainy days and pain are good for reading in bed with hot herbal tea, sketching out ideas for paintings or planning new adventures. It's too bad the XBOX which doubles as the DVD player is KAPUT...theres lots of nice scary movies I'd like to catch up on before Halloween. Stupid ring of death how I hate thee!
For the longest time I would hear this strange loud purring under the floor of my kitchen (oh by the way this is a total non sequitur) and I was imagining a GIANT cat sleeping under the floor...perhaps too big to get out from under the house. It was that loud. I would only hear it during the day and when I would cook aromatic chicken soup it would get louder and happier. Needless to say I had all kinds of interesting thoughts as to what this could be. I even imagined a snoring bum was living under the house. But one evening I spotted 6 full grown raccoons slinking out from under the house and having a little masked conference in my backyard. I then saw them tear around what used to be my garden (that was short lived thanks to them) and bound over the fence for their nightly food foraging campaign. Mystery solved! Theres a heap of snoring raccoons under my kitchen floor. I was beginning to think my Hydrocodone was a tad too powerful!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Out of canvas, working on paper. Trying to work through the pain of a back injury and get my spirits back where they belong.
acrylic/ink on paper w/ newsprint