Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something very strange is going on....

Good things seem to be coming my way. And this is strange and foreign to me. Whenever I see an email in my inbox from the press I cringe a little. I imagine the letter to be something to the effect of "Dear You, why do you keep sending us announcements about your silly events. Please remove us from your mailing list."
Now, I really have no reason to ever receive a letter like that nor have I ever gotten one but it's been my nature to always expect the worst. So I felt a little queasy when Fashion Dallas contacted me about running the promo info for the trunk show along with one of my boxes. And then I was certain I was about to discover I had a rare disease when the Observer contacted me about running my promo and running a photo with it. I think I'm about to get hit by something....abducted by Stephenvillian aliens or something. Something strange is going on and I'm a little n-n-nervous!


Hip Hip Hooray! I'm featured in another treasury this week! Good karma is so sweet:
etsy treasury

Much to do

If it's not going to snow then I see no point in continuing with "winter" here in Texas. Just bring on the Spring so I can kick my old Trail Trekker group back into gear and we can go exploring.
Yesterday while I was trying to walk a block to my gym I was nearly thrown into the street by the winds ripping through Dallas.I literally could not walk in a straight line and had to stop and steady myself against a light post. While this made me feel like being heavy was not a problem it made for a scary journey to and from the gym.
I have so much to do in and outside of work it's not even funny. I'm trying to partition the day into little organized segments (and my brain too) so I can accomplish everything at a pace and not feel overwhelmed.
Trunk show stuff still needs doing. I need signage which I've already resolved to make the same fashion as I painted the Velvet Underground banana on the tablecloth for the Factory party. I need to go get supplies this weekend, little bags with some pizazz and generally pack up a box of everything I'm going to need. I think once everything is packed into a neat corner of my apartment I can stop worrying that I'm forgetting something.
An order to fill, a few to replace from the shop, promotions for Lollipop Shoppe, a new dance routine to learn and a whole shipload of stuff pouring in on me at work. Yikes! Meditation never looked so appealing!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fighting the Z's

I know I need to go to my table and start working. I got an order I need to fill and have only finished 2 of the 6 boxes I need to do. Between the winds kicking up something sneeze-inducing today and the overwhelming need for sleep...I don't see me getting much done tonight. Maybe early to bed, early to rise?
Besides Twilight Zone is on and that's my fave. Goodnight!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Feature Shop: Spugmeistress

I'm totally smitten with the cute video game related handmades over at Spugmeistress's shop. It's all "old school" and that's the way I roll. I don't know a thing past Playstation 1 but I see my old friends from Metroid, Space Invaders, PacMan and Super Mario Bros. I need some money for video game stuff Ma!
Spugmeistress Etsy

Monday, January 21, 2008


The weather has turned a bitter cold here and it seems no better time to hibernate in the hive, straighten the studio out finally. Sigh! What a mess. Nothing is organized and I wonder where to begin. I started a new painting I want to work on today but clutter is so distracting. When my little workspace is all tidy I will take a photo of it to remind myself of how things need to be. A nice reminder to pick up all my crap after I work on something.
My etsy shop is stocked to the gills. More stocked than it's ever been. Here is my latest box, I have one more blank box to paint to fulfill my trunk show quota I gave myself.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

And then there were 3

About a week ago I wasn't quite sure what a Treasury was or how you made one. I DID know they were supposedly hard to get and were coveted by the little etsy sellers. Somehow I nabbed one, then another and now THIRD Treasury. Wow! The Etsy gods have smiled on me. I've been featuring people who have hearted me, people I hearted and now I'm listing my new little support group of local Etsiers- Etsy Dallas. Pop over for my third Treasury and see how we do it in the South:
Etsy Dallas Treasury

Friday, January 18, 2008

End of Week Etsy Offerings

Ah it's almost the weekend and I need to gear my creative self into "less computer" and "more creating". And also some tidying up as my kitchen table workspace is a bit disastrous right now! Valentines are all over the place, my work desk, my studio, my computer area. I can't help but feel the love and crave bon bons!

Buy Handmade

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beginners Luck?

Maybe it's beginners luck or maybe I have finally found something to do in that dead space called "downtime" at work. Either way, I snagged my second Treasury spot on Etsy this week. Please take a minute to view the lovely things I have collected into the Treasury and if you like something buy it and support one of the hard working independents who made it with love. xo
Groove Is in the Heart Treasury on

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Featured Shop: Sparkling Stars

My friend Ishi runs a tip top shop! I am constantly amazed at her production and quality and ooh...such nice photos. How do you get such nice photos Ishi? It must start with a fine piece of art! Please visit our featured shop on Etsy and just look at the lovely stuff!
Sparkling Stars

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My first Treasury

Somehow yesterday the electronic gremlins converged in my favor and I was able to snag a coveted Treasury spot on Etsy. Along with some talented sellers I don't know I added some items from local Etsians in my Etsy Dallas group. Please go take a look and enjoy the smart and whimsical items! Our featured shop G. Figueroa is also included!
Ruby Brood: Red and Black Deluxe

Shop Highlight: G. Figueroa

My good friend G. Figueroa is a local fashion designer. I actually own quite a few of her fabulous dresses, have modeled her stuff on the runway and generally ADORE her style! I'll be featuring her today so check back for more postings, till then enjoy her shop on etsy!
G. Figueroa

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Over 20 local artists

and FREE to enter...please come give your love to the Etsy Dallas crew and buy something handmade for your honey (or you, we won't tell, shh!)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Todays Etsy offerings

I'm gearing up for the trunk show next month! More info coming soon on it. Production is up but I'm finding it a little hard to switch gears and work on my canvases, which I need to do. Dulce is probably wanting to switch some of my stuff out and I don't have anything but an unframed painting I'd rather not part with yet. Hmm! Dillemmas! Why isn't there more time in a day?