Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Next Year...

I will be a better blogger. And you can throw rocks at my bees nest if I aren't! Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mmm, minty!

Thanks to Rich of HINT OF MINT for the nice plug about our shin-diggity-do tonight! Why I'm so excited about this one in particular? Oh....only because it's in my HOOD! Oak Cliff. Born and raised since '76. So throwing a Lolli in my hood is very special and because it's like 2 minutes commute time to my bed when the party is over! If you haven't been hipped to HINT OF MINT yet, go go go get fresh!

and the party is gonna be hopping here:

Friday, November 14, 2008

America Recycles Day!

Tomorrow is America Recycles Day and for those of you in the Dallas area looking to get in on the recycling fun here is a link to all the info, locations and what you CAN and CAN'T bring to the roundup. Happy recycling- do something good for the planet!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Top of the Pops!

I'm still on the go-go kick and want to show you one of my fave vids. The lovely Pans People go go dancers doing CCR's Green River. Pans People were Top of The Pop stars and this is my FAVORITE go go routine ever! Enjoy!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Come all without, come all within

You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn!

Hope you guys can make it out to our next soiree! And to get you in the mood to make it, this videos gona show you how to shake it:

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Drudge Worker by Day, Go Go Girl by Night

It's true. I have a makeup kit full of falsie lashes. A closet full of polyester everything and boots, boots, boots! I'm mad about the 60's style and go go dancing is fun! I'm talking about REAL go go in fun clothes, not what immediately pops up if you type the word "go go dancer" into your search engine. Ai ai ai! Not that at all!
As I get ready for yet another night of fun and frolic with The Lollipop Shoppe (which I dj at and organize) I can't help but groove out to some fun stuff on youtube to get me in gear. So I'll be spotlighting some of the gorgeous girls of Go Go here and I hope you have fun learning about go go and it's history...

first up....odd go go with Raquel Welch

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Great to Bee Back

I'm hoooooome!
It's been a crazy, wild ride but now things are finally falling into place. I still don't have a studio set up though and that's my next big project. All my Sundays are now devoted to sitting in a recording studio working on the Shapes album. It's not as exciting as it sounds. It involves listening to the same song over and over for about an hour and a half and saying things like "make that louder", "bring that down in the mix", "cut that whole thing out", "what the hell was that?". Fun. But nevertheless I am a little excited to know that the completion is so close.
Obviously I now have DSL at home and am back on the blog! I have missed it a little. Especially showing off the lovely etsy finds. So much to catch up on but all in due time. It's great to bee back again!

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Hive!

This bee is finally all moved into her new hive! Excuse the absence from blogging, I am still not connected to my DSL so blogs have been scant. As has the time to blog. I didn't know how much stuff I had amassed in all the time I was living at my old hive. Oh. My. God. It was such a nightmare to move. I will have to catch everyone up on the new hive with pics - as soon as my DSL gets connected. Hopefully soon, till on!

Friday, October 03, 2008

I feel loved

My friend Rich gave me a little blog love over at his new endeavor "Hint of Mint", cruise on over to his stylin' blog and read all about it. I really needed some love today, I'm moving, work is busy as all get out and everything feels like chaos right now. Thanks Rich! (waves!)
Hint of Mint

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sounds from Espionage Lodge

First 15 people at the Spy Night Party will get one of these limited edition cd's free!

Sounds From Espionage Lodge as complied by DJ Tigerbee(me!)

1.Theme From "Danger in Go-Go Boots" - Carlo Montez
2.Come Spy With Me - Smoky Robinson
3.Spybeat - Langhorns
4.Elevator Operator - Gene Clark
5.Devious Means - Thee Mighty Caesars
6.Guns Fever (Blam Blam Fever) - The Valentines
7.007 - Desmond Dekker
8.High Wire (Theme From "Danger Man") - The Bob Leaper Orchestra
9.James Bond Theme - Ray Barretto
10.Light My Fire - Erma Franklin
11.Hot Pants - The Tony Brans Band
12.Karma Sitar - 101 Strings
13.Tom Cat - Muddy Waters
14.Requiem Por Un Con - Serge Gainsbourg
15.Acka Raga - Shocking Blue
16. Le Blon - The City Of Westminster Strings Band
17.Bedazzled - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
18.Haschish Party - Georges Garvarenz
19.Mission Impossible - Laika & The Cosmonauts
20.Rouge Rouge - Christie Luame
21.The Silencers - Patti Seymour
22.Run - Sandy Shaw
23.Theme from Dr.No - Playboys
24.Espionage - Los Straitjackets
25.Secret Agent Man - Muffinmates
26.Her Majesty's Secret Service - The Original Onions
27.Mystery! -????
(much thanks to DJ Bill Luther, Slab Bacon and Capn Groovy for delivering some of these cuts!)

Monday, September 29, 2008


It's a busy week in the hive this week! I'm moving into a new place and still have tons of packing to do! Hopefully I will be able to blog soon. Hot tea with honey would be good right now.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Artwoods

The Artwoods do a fantastic smokin' version of this tune "I Take What I Want" as done by the Kinsey Report, Sam and Dave and Aretha Franklin,etc,etc. This song has has been covered so many times but this version stands out because of that awesome fuzzy guitar. Let's dance!

Early Bird gets the WORM

Flirt Buttons

Ah bribery! After filling my usual 5 feature quota this sneaky Flirt Buttons bribed me with one of her cute free gifts. But after peeking in her shop I see I didn't need to be bribed to feature her. SO MUCH CUTE STUFF! From buttons to pocket mirrors to bottle openers (like the white rabbit bottle opener featured above) and pendants like this cute little hedgie:

Theres just such an array of cute little gifts you will have fun sifting through the buttons.....ooh a gnome, a fancy owl and a cute bunny! Theres also some sweet Halloween pocket mirrors...go reflect on Flirt Buttons shop on
p.s. if anyone loves me i think this little guy is rad:

Early Bird gets the WORM

Christie Cottage

Christie Cottage is filled to the brim with warm, traditional and fun knitted and crocheted coziness. If it can be sewn you will most likely find it here. I really like the fingerless glove and neck warmer sets and the lovely black scarf (pictured above) that is all hand knit.
Theres also some cute little cell phone cozies and personal pouches and what girl doesn't need these? What I really liked most about Christie Cottages shop is the underlying spirit of passing on handmade items. In her profile she writes "The simple things in life are best. They are easily afforded. And are by far the most appreciated." I think this is so sweet and something I keep in mind when I'm giving handmade gifts as well. Go get cozy over at Christie Cottage on

Early Bird gets the WORM

Pony Pretties

Of course I'm a big BEE fan, can't you tell by the name of my blog? So I just had to spotlight this cute "pony pretty" from Pony Pretties shop. What's a pony pretty?
"Pony Pretties are elastic cords that are threaded with buttons and/or beads! A fun alternative to ribbons! These decorative designs are meant to go over a ponytail holder that is already in place!" Novel! And theres a whole bunch of assorted colors, themes and designs...even unicorns and christmas lights although I'm pretty partial to the peppermint twist. Must be the go go girl in me! Dress up your boring pony tail by swishing over to Pony Pretties on

Early Bird gets the WORM

Monkey Threads
Decorating your walls has never been so fun! These are some well priced vinyl stick on decals and the assortment at Monkey Threads shop is great. I really like these skeleton keys and in the spirit of Halloween and of early birds theres a fantastic raven

I also really love the paper airplane decals and whats great about these is you can put them almost anywhere, mirrors, laptops, doors and dressers! The decals come in black, nut brown and white and add instant graphic gratification to your personal space. Check out the fun at Monkey Threads shop on

Early Bird gets the WORM

Avocado Creations

This lovely Mod Orange Shopping Bag from Avocado Creations caught my eye. I am really loving the eco friendly mindset of everyone these days and the shopping bags on etsy are so much cooler than the ones they sell in the grocery store. I love taking bags like these to my local Farmers Market on the weekend and just filling them up with delicious local food. Good on the environment and good for helping out crafty artisans trying to make a living.
Avocado creations has an assortment of these delicious bags as well as some fun jewelry and wristlets. And I just love the care taken to give you something special- heres how your bag comes delivered
pretty with a bow!
Hit up Avocado Creations on and say bye bye to plastic bags for good!

Early Bird gets the WORM- or Free Love Fridays the Saturday Morning Edition!

Vintage Vision

This week was so busy I had to push the Free Love Friday postings to this morning. But that's ok, because theres nothing more fun than reading blogs and drinking coffee in your pajamas, right?
Today I posted Early Bird Gets the Worm and 5 etsy early birds flew right in. The first of them was Vintage Vision who sells lovely vintage items, collectibles and figurines in her shop. I really like what it says on her shop announcement:
"My goal is to offer a variety of wonderful items in the shop from the past that can't be replaced with the new or modern item's of today."
I'm a big fan of vintage, the quality was much better and people just took more time on their craft in my opinion. In todays mass produced, quickly cranked out society I appreciate good craftmanship and attention to detail and quality. I really loved this little bone china owl in her shop and if you appreciate and collect vintage too then go visit her shop Vintage Vision on

Thursday, September 25, 2008


For awhile now I've been putting off working on my newest painting. I kept telling myself I was just too tired after a grueling day of work to paint. Then a gallery contacted me wanting to see my stuff and I felt the pressure to finish this thing and quick! Most of my paintings are on view at various places right now so building up my portfolio of works is very important. I had to switch gears. I wasn't too tired to work. I was too lazy. So I traded in one hour each evening- tv time for painting. Now my painting is almost done. Although I'm not in quite the rush to finish it. Paintings can't be zipped out. At least not my paintings. You have to put your very best into each painting and grow with it so the next one will be better and so on and so forth. But it is very important not to defeat yourself and waste your time telling yourself that you CAN'T do something because you don't have time. The one person you should always make time for is YOU.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Meaning of Washing Dishes

Whats funny about this to me is it reminded me what a little bullheaded kid I was. The first time my Dad asked me to wash dishes.....change "asked" to "told" rather, I cried. I burst into tears as if it was punishment. I washed dishes with tears streaming down my face I was so indignant. I was just a kid. I should be outside playing or watching tv I thought.
Then later as a teen I had joined a dojo for Aikido. What did they make us do after our training was over? We had to put the matts away and CLEAN the floor. I was so upset and thought it was so beneath me. Oh the teacher is just using us so they don't have to pay for a maintenance crew I thought.
Then if my boyfriend didn't wash dishes or help me clean I would get so peeved and tried to make him feel bad about not helping to keep the place clean.
But I noticed something very strange in my 30s. I...dare I say....liked? I kind of liked doing the dishes? I kind of liked doing the dishes, there...I said it. And what's even weirder, I felt kinda peaceful doing them. There was a pleasure in cleaning and purifying the dirtiness and making your little abode back into a proper temple. Order and not chaos. I can almost meditate while washing dishes. I definitely get into what is called "flow". It's the weirdest damn thing but it's true and now I truly laugh when I'm washing dishes and think of myself at 8 years old crying over the sink. Theres a lesson in washing dishes. If you think of what that is let me know. A friend of mine said the lesson is getting a dishwasher. Everyones got jokes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I spy with my little eye


We're throwing a sneaky spy party and everyones invited to the mission! DJ's PandaFlower and TigerBee will be on decks to supply you with an arsenal of suspiciously sexy tunes. Femme Fatales in go go boots THE LOLLI DOLLIES will seduce you onto the dance floor.

Come as your favorite spy, Bond character or the villain that you are! We'll be showing Octopussy and enjoying an explosive evening of dancing and drinks!
Get there early for dinner, stay for dancing and dessert!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Little Woman in her Go Go Boots

DJ Tigerbee and the Lolli Dollies Go Go Dancers at the Dallas Museum of Art

This was a fun evening at the Dallas Museum of Art, I got to spin some swingin' 60's tunes while my go go dancers did their thing. I only wish it was a little brighter in there but I guess the Rauschenberg needed some dim time. I'll be posting more about the fabulous world of go go soon! (real retro go go...not nudie bar go go)

International PEACE DAY

Today is Peace Day and also a day of Cease Fire. It's a beautiful day! I urge you to visit this site and find out about Peace Day and how we observe it and what more you can do to bring peace to the world, there are events listed by location as well so you can participate with others to bring about peace.

and this one too:

Friday, September 19, 2008


I was a bad craftista and forgot to hip you to ReadyMade Magazine being at the DMA last night for crafty fun! But in case you didn't go and make a lamp with your own two hands you can still catch ReadyMade tonight as they'll be speaking at the museum about DIY culture and materials. Sounds right up my alley, I've been an avid reader of the magazine for a couple years now. And someday when I get some space I can actually try and make some of the fabulous projects that lie within it's pages. I remember a bike rack project that seemed doable.

A Conversation with Creators of ReadyMade Magazine: DIY Culture and Materials

When: Friday, Sept. 19, 9 p.m.

Where: Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), 1717 North Harwood Street, Dallas

Cost: $5 - $10

Join the creators and editors of ReadyMade Magazine as they discuss the creative reuse of materials from a do-it-yourself design perspective. This event is included in general admission to the Late Night at the Dallas Museum of Art. For more information call 214-922-1826 or visit

Information from the venue.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog Love!

As I finish up my pre-emptive strike for Free Love Friday I want to direct you to a fellow etsy gals blog who also features other crafty artisans on her blog. This week I had to do a pre-emptive strike the day before because work is getting hectic and this was the only chance I got. Be sure to check out Sheilas blog so you can stay up to date with the new store she plans on opening which looks like some warm knit wonders are in the works! Her store (not yet open) will be here:

Free Love Friday!

Kreated By Karina

If theres such a thing as a bath junkie that would be me. Squeaky clean me. Soap fragrances are like candy flavors and I must know what each of them smell like. I was intrigued by this Bamboo and Teak soap featured in Karinas shop, of which she boasts "reminds me of staying in a log cabin...snow building up outside, and sitting around the fireplace sipping hot chocolate, or of freshly split wood...without the heaviness or smokiness of typical woodsy scents." Fabulous! I am so there and so cozy! And so clean! I might be snatching this up for me and my boyfriend since it's a unisex scent and the toasty holidays are just around the corner. Great array of bath soaps and lip balms at Kreated By Karina on

Free Love Friday!


Of course the mod in me just loved this mod-tastic two tone ring. Yes, it's made out of a vintage button! Lovely assortment of rings, wristlets, jewelry and cozies here at Maked's shop. I really am a sucker for vintage buttons and this nouveau way to wear them and this is one of the better designs I've seen. Fun array of handmades over at Maked on

Free Love Friday!

End Of March

Marie-Josée Létourneau paints some lovely pictures and then she makes prints of them and tells such sweet little stories with each one. This one is entitled "Jackalope Trapped". Don't you want to know the little story behind it? And also to behold the Unicorn girl? These whimsical sweet paintings are done in acrylic and marker and then printed for your personal collection. Visit End Of March on

Free Love Friday!

Wear My Colors

The stores are stocked with candy corn and it's time to start thinking of that impossibly hard question we face every year. What'll I be for Halloween?! It's one of my favorite holidays. Everyones free to act like a kid and eat candy! Nom, nom, nom! Wear My Colors suggests you "ghost yourself" and wear one of their cute handmade polymer ghost pins. If you wear your love of the spooky season on your sleeve why don't you wear it on your shirt? Check out this shop for barettes, bracelets and pencil sharpener earrings! It doesn't get any sharper!
Wear My Colors on

Free Love Friday! The Pre-emptive Strike!

Past Perfect

I'm a sucker for trains. The poetry of their history. The sound they make on a desolate evening. So I just had to spotlight these beautiful notecards from Past Perfects etsy shop. There are so many beautiful photo prints to choose from and lots of wonderful nature and flora pictures. If you're looking for some unique note or giftcards I would look into Past Perfect on


In preparation of my move to a new place next month, which is just slightly bigger than "small", I am reading this fantastically bright little book. The new place is not quite medium and definitely not large. More like a supersized small- hold the fries.
I am already getting some great ideas on colors and how to place things so your rooms look much larger than they are. Who doesn't need this in their life?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Chain reaction

Here's why I can't concentrate on writing a blog. Something has set someones car alarm off, and it is honking away...which has caused the two little dogs next door to bark and yap...which has caused the dog next door to them to bark and now the neighbors are yelling at the dog (can't yell at a car I guess, not an empty one anyway) and all this was probably caused by something silly I imagine. Like maybe a squirrel jumped onto the car or maybe a kid rode past on his bike a little too close. Funny what little things can cause such chaos and chain reactions. And all that caused me to write a blog! What next?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Hive Life

Bats Beware Box
Yesterday I was up bright and early working on two boxes. One was the Bat box (pictured above) and the other was the royal pain in the arse English Tea Time Box

I will have to take better photos of them at some point when the sun comes out. All weekend it's been Hurricane Ike and rain and grey, grey, grey.
It feels good to have some new stuff in my etsy shop at long last and it might be awhile before I get to do anything else as I'm packing up my hive to move. It's a daunting task. The only thing keeping me sane is the thought that I will have a nice new clutter free workspace for my art and crafting. It will be nothing like the little cramped cabinet/worktable crammed against laundry and two computers that I have now.
I'm even hoping for a trip to Ikea so I can pick out shelving for my supplies. Hooray!
But no more boxes and workspace for the rest of the month. It's pack up time.
Is it just me or does anyone else like looking at pictures of other artists workspaces? It kind of fascinates me and gives me ideas, I'm almost certain I should've gotten into interior design instead!

Friday, September 12, 2008


izzilizzi creations

See I told you Fall was coming! I even spotted a fat little acorn on the sidewalk this morning and soon the leaves will start to fall, watch! Fall is my season and so I was particularly fond of this sweet pendant in izzilizzi's shop. And her name is fun to say and it makes you think of the Beatles "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" tune, and now we're all in a tizzy! What I really like about izzilizzis shop is the assortment of small things. Little magnets, ornaments, pendants, etc. Good things come in small packages! Please check out izzilizzi's shop for a little of this and a little of that -as she says. ;-)


Venus In Furs

How could I resist, it's one of my favorite Velvet Underground songs EVER! Let's shine a little love light on this shop run by two twin sisters (sweet!) who make these sweet little plushies (pictured above) as well as some nifty little ipod cozies, pendants and wallets. They even have some vintage threads up for grab in their shop. I like the little purple plushie monster named Calvin, any relation to the purple people eater? Did he eat purple people or was he purple? One of the great mysteries of the world. Check out Venus In Furs cute shop on


Crownofstorms Fine Art Photography

Oh my gosh it was so hard picking just one of the beautiful photos to show you here. Justines work ranges from lovely Nature shots, landscapes and architecture to some very sweet intimate animal shots like the one of her cat Hobbes (pictured above). It was hard to resist the baby kitten sweetness, it was cute overload! Her photos are very professional with a fine eye for details and lots of emotion. Please take a look at her lovely shop on


Nothing says Autumn is tumbling our way like warm sweaters, which is what draws me so much to LuvNknits sweet recycled purses. This one is a cable knit converted into one toasty little purse. I love the black bamboo handle and faux leather belt detailing. You can even request zippered pockets on purchasing! Does it get any better? Her store is stocked with all kinds and colors of cute hand knit knockouts. Check out LuvNknits shop on p.s. fall is just around the corner!


It's another fancy installment of Free Love Fridays in which 5 new etsy artists and artisans will be revealed to you. Every Friday I go into Community Forum (promotion section, wink!) and ask for the first 5 people to step up and claim their 15 minutes of fame. It really isn't long before they are all snatched up. Today's first etsy artist is Nuyorican who makes these hot tamale votives. Sweet retro pinup gals adorn these vibrant votives along with ribbon and Swarovski crystals. Wonderful little gifts, I can already think of about 4 gals I know who would love to have these to hold their makeup brushes in.
Check out nuyorican on

Breaking Stereotypes

Originally uploaded by tigerbee

The cat is NOT out of the bag. Leave it to my cat to be the contrarian of all cats. For the record, my cats do not appreciate store bought toys. They do appreciate a good old fashioned paper bag, plastic bags (chew toy), scratching the hell out of my amplifier, scented pizza boxes (they think it's a special bed for them), bread ties ( I find them in their food dish mysteriously) and last but not least peppermint foot lotion. Yes, peppermint foot lotion. If I put any on they swarm me like a pack of piranhas at feeding time, it's like cat nip!
Pictured above: Poppy Cat looks on as Bell Cat shows her an impression of being some groceries

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Inspiration Trees

Originally uploaded by tigerbee

Todays Inspiration of the Day....I call them inspiration trees because they make me want to paint. Most likely I will be using these photos in my next series of paintings. Ah the colors! Oh the strange organic shapes! Love, love, love it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Float like a Butterfly

Sting like a bee!
I'm back in the gym doing my Operation Bruce Lee. What is Operation Bruce Lee? It's basically me being a geek. I'm a big fan of Bruce Lee and am using him as my motivation and inspiration to get fit. I have a picture of Bruce Lee by my bedside to remind me first thing when I wake up, a pic of Bruce on my fridge with the words "don't eat junk!" written above his head and then he's tacked to my bulletin board at work- where I eat and can see him and feel guilty if I happen to be eating a cheeseburger.
I may update from time to time on my Operation Bruce Lee project. I also like Muhammad Ali and his funny quotes- hence why he gets photo space today.

Quite Simply. I Love It.

Another reason to love I just discovered this fantastic artist named Matte Stephens and this piece in particular is just standout! Maurice Sendak fan perhaps? All his stuff is pretty awesome, saving pennies, saving pennies! To view his shop click here.

Boxing Ring

Yikes my little etsy shop is looking threadbare these days! The whole impetus for my shop initially were the hand painted boxes and now theres only one left in my store. I've had some ideas for new ones and some spare blanks ready for painting on. I think I'm going to try my hand at decoupage and see what happens. I always get a little rush posting a new item on etsy, it's like crack for artists!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sneezy Hive!

Maybe it's Hurricane Ike stirring up the winds and whatnot, but I've got the sneezes. I've been a recent sufferer of the ol' allergies, never really got too bad until I hit my twenties. Then like clockwork they flare up- just as every season changes it seems. I've been doing the local honey route and just this weekend bought some from The Honeybee Guild here in Texas. It is sweet and mellow and fresh and I got it at Farmers Market from the Pollards who maintain healthy beehives in North Texas. A noble task in light of the colony collapses we've been hearing about.
If you'd like more info about the Honeybee Guild here is their site texas honeybee guild and here is a very informative blog about them: a case of hives
The idea behind eating your local honey is to introduce all the local pollen to your system safely so that your body stops falsely reacting to it like it's a foreign enemy (hence the sneezing). And if you stop by Farmers Market look for the guy in the bee suit with the display of bees...he'll give you the buzz on bees and honey, honey!


I'm getting ready to move in about a month so the one word that's been repeating itself over and over in my mind is "PURGE!". It's amazing how much paper one person can collect in one tiny drawer alone, let alone a whole apartment. I've been reading some decluttering tips over at zenhabits and I think I've got my motivation on.
Whenever I sit down to watch tv this week I'm going to have a drawer to clean out, papers to tear into bits and a big bag to fill with trash or donation stuff. Just packing away the overflowing cupboard of dishes made me feel light and airy. It's a good feeling. Who needs all this stuff anyway?
Why do I have 7 CVS cards that have not been activated? 5 of the same bus schedule? Receipts from dinner 3 years ago? Why in the world have I been carrying this weight around in my dresser drawers while my clothes have no place to live?
Don't get me started on clothes, which like bunnies have multiplied till one would think a good handful of people live in my apartment as opposed to two and three cats...and they don't like to wear clothes.
So yes, as the seasons change and I get ready for a new habitat I also get ready for new habits and ....that elusive thing called SPACE.
If you also need some motivation to get your decluttering bug fired up- I would hit up Leos blog zenhabits and remember -purge, purge, purge!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Krabappel 2- Swedish Style

Krabappel 2 is one of those rare myspace friends I've never met but feel a kinship to. Uber talented. Gorgeous redhead. Full of passion and a love for music and art....oh yeah and she likes "snus" (swedish word for chewing tobacco!) If I ever visit Sweden I'd like to meet my friend Krabappel 2 and see her lovely works in person.
I really liked this series she posted, reminds me of glaciers and Richard Diebenkorn. The muted colors and spacial breaks are really up my alley.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just Do It...ghetto style

Today I did my first run with my Nike Sportsband. Let me just say- I don't have the running shoes that are "compatible" with the sportsband but as my sister can attest- there are ways of getting around that. Unfortunately I didn't know the proper "way" and cheated myself out of a mile or two I'm almost sure of it!
The sportsband comes with a small sensor that you are supposed to slip down into the Nike compatible shoes. My sister said she took an xacto and after tracing the sensor shape she cut into her regular non Nike running shoes and made a hole for the sensor and then put her shoe insert over it. Easy.
But I just got my pair of New Balances not too long ago so i wanted to see how it would work without cutting a hole and just sliding it under my insert. I couldn't feel the sensor after about two minutes but I'm fairly certain I placed it in the wrong part of my shoe. ;-/
This was further confirmed after I went to the sportsband site and saw the sensor going to the ball of the foot part, not the heel as I had thought.
Call this a ghetto experiment. I can't afford Nike runners right now. I may be busting out the xacto just like my sis did.
Did a test run at the park and came back, slipped off the interface and slid it into the USB and now chilluns- you can see what a lame duck I am....I burned all of 49 calories in about 30 minutes! Like I said- I had the sensor in the wrong part of the shoe. At the gym on the elliptical- 30 minutes is just shy of 3 miles for me.
Loving the sportsband- just need to do it the right way next time....

The sportband logs your runs and even has an easy way to share your graphs with your friends on myspace. It tracks your miles, your pace and the calories burned. Which in my case today- was cup of coffee. One...small....small....cup of coffee. ;-) Wanna keep up with my sister on the run? Check out her blog here for inspiration by the Bay...
run rene run

Sweet Tooth Killers

My friend Dan was fresh in from Argentina where he'd been working when he heard it was my birthday. Always prepared, he had brought a whole boxload of these much requested cookies (these are no ordinary cookies hot damn diggity dawg damn!)

These are the ultimate little sweet tooth killers. And they come in a fancy box that looks like you're getting some Cuban cigars. Theres only six of these heavenly (hellish?) delights per box but you could easily share ONE because they are so rich and thick. I really can't do these things justice so I'll leave you with someone elses description:

Havanna Alfajores Cookies
by Evan Orensten

"I found these Argentinian treats in a coffee shop in Miami and haven't stopped talking about them (and eating them) all week. Made by the well known Havanna brand, the best of the five flavors are the Dulce de Leche, which are coated in meringue. The textures and flavors create an uncommonly complex experience. These cookies are big and rich, and I find that one is more than enough to get the job done. The look and heft of the package is impressive and makes a great gift. If you can't find them in your neighborhood, they are available online from a great Latin food resource you should know about anyway: Amigo Foods. A box of 12 (6 chocolate, 6 dulce de leche) will cost you around $24."

$$24!!! Do I feel like a Princess? Damn straight I do! But.....what will I do when they're gone? ;( Order them online. Sigh!

Friday, September 05, 2008


I was giddy with glee to see my fave little local restaurant All Good Cafe has vamped up their menu. Not only do they offer the tastiest little chicken fried chicken and mashed potato duet but it's looking like some delicious nachos and some other deliciosos have arrived. AllGood cheese platter with cocktails, new wines, beers and "rock-a-mole"? I can't wait for my next trip to AllGood! Check out their site for live entertainment calendar as well as more info on

Free Love Fridays- For Your Pleasure

This comes from DJ Pandaflower, my dj-ing partner in crime. Looks like he's landed another guest spot at Haileys at what looks to be DJ G's new slot.

DJG (Hailey's 80s Dance Night) & guest

DJ Gabe (from the Lollipop Shoppe)

jazz, soul, glam, kraut, global grooves......
EVERY Sunday All month long

Haileys Club
122 Mulberry
Denton TX
www. haileysclub.

So what's the word on Wild In The Streets? Or is she just taking a month off to vacation somewhere fab like Paris?