Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet the Lolli Dollies!

Maybe you didn't know this but in Dallas, Texas there are some real life go go girls who are keeping the sixties alive. Those girls would be the Lolli Dollies, my go go dance troupe of five years strong!
Our love of the sixties, vintage fashion and having a great time has brought us five ladies together to get the parties started. We do real retro dance routines in beautiful outfits and boots and usually show up with photographers in tow to take the party up a notch. We dance officially for the Lollipop Shoppe events but also make special appearances and collaborate with others who want to make their parties and events even more fab! You can come meet us all at the next event on Feb 28th, come have your picture taken with Dallas's original retro go go troupe! And add us up on myspace to keep in touch with all things sweet!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doings in Dallas

Feb 14, smooch day! Maybe you don't wanna split a bottle of wine at some fancy schmancy Italian restaurant. Maybe you wanna get out on the dancefloor and get sweaty with EVERYONE! You little minx, then head over to my friends party cause girls know how to throw em best!

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Happygolitely Project

Today I was contacted about participating in the Happygolitely Project and it made me smile. First a little back history on how it came to be. Once upon a blue moon I blogged about Sushi Ed, do you remember him? He is the creation of Girlgolite on Because I blogged about Sushi Ed I was sent a free little sushi ed in the mail and he was cute as can be and I smiled and showed him off then it struck me that someone I knew really could use a little good fortune and so I sent him to my brother via mail. My brother just happens to be in a despairing place where he cannot see friends and family for a long while so he needed the smile more than me. ;-)
Well, the Happygolitely project is a lot like that. Spreading happiness to people who need it. But Girlgolite can explain it so much better so I will push you over to her blog now, softly mind you...go get your happiness on now here!

Dancing in Dallas

Be sure to come out to The Smoke and The Lollipop Shoppe as we knock the month of February off your calendar in the most fun way possible!
Suit up and dance it up with the mods on February 27th at The Smoke. Then come back for our birthday bash at the Lollipop Shoppe as we celebrate 5 big long years doing it up in Dallas! It's a Mad Hatters Tea party so come as your favorite Wonderland character or wear your maddest hat...however you come you are guaranteed a great time! And yes, I am totally playing "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snapshot: David Mausey

David Mausey Photography model Melissa Miaow (Lolli Dolly Go Go Dancer)

I am fortunate to be in a strange little vortex where creative and magical people always gravitate. I like to call that vortex "Lollipop Shoppe", since that is how I usually meet all the creative folk in my life...and most of my good friends for that matter. I am lucky enough to sometimes connect those people to other people to help them in their endeavors. The photographer David Mausey is one of the people I wanted to show off and connect you to.
I met David Mausey at one of our Spy Night parties, sneaking around shooting pics. We both laughed that every photo shot of me had me with eyes closed! D'oh! David is fun and easy to chat with and I like that in a photographer- he puts you at ease and so I was delighted when he volunteered to shoot my band The Shapes. We're planning on using some of his stuff for our album. He has a very sexy style that shines through in his pics of the ladies,here are a few of my favorites!

He also does some beautiful wedding portraiture alongside his edgy fashion stuff, check out both his sites and portfolios here:
And keep your eye out for our debut album featuring some of his lovely work!

Art on View: Martin Campos

I took some art classes with this talented artist Martin Campos and am thrilled he is keeping it up in his spare time as we all strive to do. He will have a piece in this show and I can't wait to see it!
DeCorazon Gallery is located in the Bishop Arts District, so come have some drinks at a local eatery and then view some lovely art in my little neck of the woods. The topic of the show looks interesting to say the least!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Tiger Tai Chi

I ended up going to the free Tai Chi at the Trammell Crow this past weekend. It was a fun experience. I always like going and doing something I know I'm going to suck at and seeing little improvements as time goes on. The instructor was very nice and patient but the airy room (it's in the shrine room) made it hard to hear some instructions so I kept looking over my shoulder at the people in the class trying to get my positions right.
It was a nice way to start the morning though, feeling your way into your body slowly and also being part of the community...not to mention being surrounded by amazing works of art. They have a really cool Tiger show up right now...I peeked at it. I want to visit it on my lunch breaks this week and head over to the Chinese Lantern Festival next Saturday...which is also free! Here's the details...

Family Days at the Crow Collection: Chinese Lantern Festival
February 7, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The Chinese Lantern Festival is a traditional festival on the 15th of the first month of the Chinese New Year. The lantern festival, marking the end of the Chinese New Year, celebrates the bright new moon. During this festival, children often carry lanterns, light fireworks, and eat sticky rice balls. Enjoy an afternoon of festivities as we herald the year of the ox and embrace our own lantern festival in the Dallas Arts District. Come create your own lantern and parade around the museum with traditional lion dancers from J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy.

FREE. No reservations required.
And I also saw that Tuesday evenings they have a Zen mindfulness class. Ok, is this not weird? Here I am studying it and here it's right across the street from me for free! Here's the info:
Zen in the City
6:15 – 7:15 PM (6:00 PM Orientation for Beginners): Savor silence and awaken to reality of the present moment.

Guidance will be offered on posture, breathing, and mindfulness. This series is sponsored by the Maria Kannon Zen Center. Please wear comfortable clothes. FREE. No reservations required.

For the whole calendar of upcoming stuff visit this link