Thursday, July 31, 2008

Visual and Audio: bringing it into HARMONY

While I thank my lucky stars that music and art are in my blood sometimes I wonder where my extra gas tank is. How is someone supposed to have the energy to create new paintings AND practice in a band? Not to mention the "work" that goes into pushing both those things into the publics eye gently and gracefully so you don't get the reaction of "OW! OK ALREADY!". It's a tough road. I'm a whiner.
I'm currently trying to balance the scales once again, working on a new painting and trying to jumpstart the Shapes as we near the end of recording. Mainly what we're doing now is production work, album art, logos, making those things that lazy musicians hate...decisions. Theres a few loose ends to re-record. I am not happy at all with my vocals on "I Don't Wanna Know" so back to the drawing board we go. And Mark Ridlen (Lithium Xmas) is helping us with production stuff, the sprinkles and cherries and bits of Oreo cookies that make stuff good and bad for you.
It all takes time and as much time as we have taken- it takes more. More and more. I think the best thing to do is just to let it happen, whether it be the painting or the record. I think a lot of meditation is going to get me through this. I expect expensive champagne when this baby finally drops into the stores.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Augustian Graphiques

These were my latest freelance assignments. The cute cartoon illustration is from an unknown artist but I found that a blogger had posted a few images from the crazy 8's card game this drawing came from. All very lovely 50's illustrations. Now this is off my plate I can start work on my painting today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Two coats of green and I'm still not satisfied with the flatness. One more coat shall do it and then the fun begins!
I'm putting into practice a new productivity schedule. I noticed I was wasting lots of time online before and after work and thats when I can actually be getting a lot done. Workouts in the morning and painting, painting and bass practice in the evening. So I'm totally doing an internet rehab program this week. It's like less than 20 minutes a day online. So far it's been nice.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

36" X 36"

I got a big canvas sitting in my studio. It's white and intimidating. At 5 o clock this morning I woke up and thought of it, first thing. It is just sitting in my studio haunting it with it's whiteness. After breakfast I'm going to eradicate the pale thing with green. I have so many ideas left over from it's predecessor and I can't wait to get to work on it. This canvas is much larger than the one before so I expect it's going to be a lot like an epic test of will to battle this canvas. It will be a lot like a boxing match, much like the other one was.
It was very rewarding to have so many people come up to me and tell me they enjoyed my work at the opening for the "Insider Art" show. I really don't know what to say when people compliment my work so hopefully a foolish grin and a "thank you so very much" is enough.
I'll be keeping this blog updated with my battle royale.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Buzz gets Blogged

If there was anyone awake this morning besides my cats I would've liked to reenact this photo. The first email in my inbox was from my friend Jimmy who directed me to local blog Unfair Park, where yours truly had a bit of a mention. High Five! Read all about it...

Unfair Park

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Art News! Me in the Museum

Dear friends,
You are all cordially invited to see my newest paintings on view at the Dallas Museum of Art.

The 2008 exhibition entitled “Insider Art” opens July 18 and runs through November 23, 2008.
This is a group exhibition of museum Staff work. The exhibition will be installed on Mezzanine 2 in the hallway just outside of the Library and Imaging office spaces.

I worked really hard on my paintings and would love for you to see them on view in this auspicious setting!

Directions if you're in the atrium (cafe area)...hit the stairwell that runs directly from the atrium and go through the first glass doors on your right, ba-da-bing- you are there! I have two pieces in the show and theres lots of great work on view.

Support the arts! ;-)

Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N Harwood
Dallas, Tx 75201..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No Canvas: No Work

I'm out of canvas. But it's ok because I'm also sick with a sinus infection and thats just NOT conducive to creativity. So next weekend I go get canvas and get back to work. It's very important to keep the momentum going because it is very easy to just keep putting it off and putting it off and before you know it-it's been months and you have no new work to show. And then you'll see all these call for entries and submissions and opportunities and you will just have to go "wah! boo! Im a lazy bum!" and miss out. So, momentum and keeping up with it! That's what we're doing for the rest of the hot Texas summer. Blog again soon when I have some art-y news to spread!