Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's Sunday January 30 and I have exactly 12 days to finish a stack of records and about 3 canvases. I am trying not to freak out. I am trying to enjoy every minute of the rush and bustle and I'm trying not to feel so damn tired.
I blame a glass a red wine which I never drink. The stuff makes me feel stuffed up and sleepy. Cute pink shoes which I never wear (because my Nikes are my mainstay) didn't help my already tired legs. Working outside on the concrete didn't help my back nor did sitting on a cement floor at yesterdays meeting.
I am all kinds of sore and tired and stuffy today and unfortunately NO REST IN SIGHT!
Today would be grocery day and grocery day involves me riding my bike about two miles and fitting what I can manage on my back and in my basket.
How much do I NOT feel up to this task today?
But it's got to be done, my friend needs food for her lunches and I need food to maintain some energy.
I spent a good 5 hours on a new canvas yesterday. I was able to work outside and be inspired by the birds, the sun and the sound of windchimes. When the sounds turned to my neighbors kids playing basketball and said basketball constantly rolling behind me onto our porch I decided to pack it in.
I think I will kickstart this day with a hot cup of coffee and a super long soak in a hot bath and hope that puts some pep back in my step. I don't know where the rock is gonna come from but I need to pull it outta somewhere quick!

Friday, January 28, 2011


This is yesterdays Hour Swap piece! I would love to do a whole wall of these, it would be so groovy! They remind me of little tiles. By the by, I love little hand painted tiles. Pretty Talavera Mexican tiles...when I'm rich I'm going to have them all around me!
Visions of grandeur this morning, obviously I'm not quite awake. Although the idea DID pop into my head that if my TV appearance made my business boom the first thing I was going to purchase was something I have never had the pleasure to purchase. It is something that I haven't even had the pleasure of experiencing in a very long time. That my friends is a real honest to goodness bed. Sleeping in a bed! Not sleeping on a shabby hand me down mattress on the floor?! THAT is my dream. I will totally be content with a bed. A BED!!!! But back to reality....
It is Friday morning and my TO DO list is so long I was considering blowing off Yoga but remembered that Yoga is doing wonders for me right now. It calms down my anxiety, limbers me up and makes my back feel good, gets my blood flowing and my brain working (hello oxygen!) and takes care of something I promised to never take for granted. MY HEALTH. No matter how busy I get HEALTH and FAMILY take precedent. So to Yoga I go and then the post office and then busy in the studio day....the day looks like a gorgeous one so Im contemplating setting up my canvas outside, hmmmm...
today feels like a good one, hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is yesterdays HOUR SWAP painting which fetched $33! The cats meow...thats my half of the electric bill! These have been well received and really I can't believe how the project has taken off in so short a time.
I am set to appear on Good Morning Texas on Feb 11th! So excited!
But I've already blogged all about this on my other blog and I wanted to talk about motivation here.
Lately I have been getting messages from friends telling me I am really inspiring them and motivating them. Some people are contemplating quitting their jobs and trying to make a go of their dreams. Others are motivated to be more productive, on their artwork or own businesses. While all the wonderful words telling me that I inspire you are very humbling I must pass your thank yous on to the Universe. Not to sound like a hokey hippie dippy chick but I am just a person who has learned to "receive" and through receiving "giving". Anything I have learned through other people, reading or my own mistakes and successes in life I pass on to you but I am not the source. I am a small transmitter in the Universe, we all are. This may not make any sense and thats ok, I probably need a second cup of coffee.
I will say that one thing I think is very important in trying to make a go of your dreams is believing that you can....sounds very Disney but you'd be surprised at how simple and real this is. Also you must learn to look at your obstacles as "opportunity". Obstacles challenge you, your obstacles are your own very unique problems. No one else might have just the same obstacles as you and therefore you must find your own unique solutions to the obstacles. Not viewing them as obstacles but your own special tools to build on. Aren't these how great inventions are made? Someone sees a problem and therefore a great invention must be made to solve it.
And last but not least and really this should right up there with believing you can- THANKFULNESS. You did not get all the way where you are in life all by yourself. You have existed in a world where people have helped you in some way or fashion. Either by encouraging, teaching or giving you tools you need. Even those bad people in your life who try your patience are giving you something. Thank them all! I thank my really bad job situation for lighting a wildfire in me to get the hell out of there. I thank the people who have been mean to me for showing me that is NOT the way to go through life. Thank everyone and everything for strengthening your armor, for giving you fuel for your fire, for training you for an amazingly hard track you're about to run and the only race that will mean anything in your life. Chasing your dreams. Don't let life slip you by, just decide that you want it and that you WILL get it.

I've not changed my status in life since making my own way in the world as an artist. In fact I'm broke. Poor by the worlds standards. But damn if I am not SO happy to be doing what I love to do everyday. Something that fulfills me and that other people can enjoy. What I was meant to do. My goal is not to be rich and famous but simply succeed at doing what I love to do. My purpose. Everyone has one. JUST DO IT!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keeping your head above water, making a wave when you can

Yesterdays HOUR SWAP piece went for $10! Congrats to the winner, a fellow woman artist for snaggin' that deal. I really liked this piece and can see me doing some similar stuff in that theme and color palette. It inspired me-there I said it!
I think it would be cool to show who these people are who are collecting my stuff -some seem to be other artists and some are people in my community who have businesses, etc. Isn't it interesting to see what everyone contributes to the world? So if time permits I will be posting up a little info or pic of what these people do- who they are...I have lots to catch up on, a treasury and some blog lovin' for my fellow Etsy peoples.
Trying to knock out two boxes and then get down to serious business. Big paintings. Did I tell you? I'm gonna be on TV!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/11 Unbelievable

Here is yesterdays HOUR SWAP piece which I am pleased to say went for $42! WOW! Amazing! The bidding went on hot on the heels of some interesting news I got yesterday.
Last week I posted over on Craigslist about my Hour Swap in order to gain some more readers, get some more exposure, etc. Fully prepared for the usual couple of spam letters I get from posting over there. Strangely I didn't get any spam. In fact I got ONE solitary email and it simply asked if I was located in the metroplex.
Usually I wouldn't answer such a question from an anonymous Craigslist responder but the address it came from intrigued me, "wfaa"...which is a local TV channel. So I responded with a "Yes, Im in the metroplex and thanks for checking out my art" message.
Yesterday when I got back from my supply run and gym I see another email from the same person and it reads
"I’m a producer with Good Morning Texas at WFAA/Channel 8.
Would you be interested in coming on the show to talk about your “Hour Art Project”?
It sounds like it could be a lot of fun."
UNBELIEVABLE! And this couldn't have come at a better time, I'm eeking through what looked like the last month of me "living my dream" trying to be a self employed artist and was about to hit Craigslist employment section when this little piece of gold bonked me on the head!
So much to do to make sure this opportunity is as productive as possible. Things like this do happen?! To regular ol' poor artists like me?!
You should keep up with my other blog - it seems to be quite the buzz right now!

Monday, January 24, 2011

1/24 Get Movin'

Spent a lot of time in the studio working on orders this weekend and finished these "Tiger and Honey Bear" themed pieces. Today is Pilates and supply day so almost no time in the studio but I am going to try and push myself to do my Hour Swap. It's going to be a tight squeeze.
Then I have another box order in the queue and then...time to get serious. I have the UNDERGROUND show to prepare for and won't be able to do much but get ready for that- all extraneous projects will have to wait until after Feb 12. There will be -if all accounts are true- a LOT of people at this show and the more pieces I have prepared for it the greater my chance of selling and I need to sell bad. Going to be putting some major mileage on my studio...consider me Miss Hermit until this show is over.
And if you know any artist you know this is the equivalent of hanging a sign on your hotel room doorknob that says DO NOT DISTURB. :)
It's go time and I feel the fire under me! Everyone have a great Monday!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Morning Coffee

I spend most mornings here at my computer with my morning coffee. I may wake up full of creative ideas and itching to get into the studio but sometimes the world wide web is a little distracting...especially youtube, etsy and facebook....which seem to eat a good part of the morning for me. Before I know it the morning is over and it's time to make lunch and there my whole morning has been wasted. So before I head into the new week I am going to start utilizing an old friend of mine called "Morning Coffee" which is an app designed to open up all the sites you frequent daily. You can even configure it to open certain ones on certain days etc... Then every morning I will systematically go through each site. Email- check. Other email- check. Website analytics-check. Etsy store peek- check. My blogs updated-check. Any blogs I wanna follow- check...and then last but not least Facebook- and here is where I am going to implement another old friend. My watch. I'm going to give myself a set amount of time and then LOG OFF when the watch goes beep! Seeing the tabs open will remind me Im on a mission- get through each one and close it.
I should then be able to get more done in a day. Like go to the park and get a good run in, visit my duck friends (shown in the photo above) and enjoy the outside world before heading into the studio and working. I have found this to be a vital part of my creative process- going outside and getting my blood flowing.
I will have to log in at various points in the day to post stuff to Etsy or communicate with people about orders, etc. But I am going to use the watch method this week and really monitor my time. I feel like I didn't get as much done last week as I should've. My creative challenge to everyone this week is to monitor how much time you waste online, by waste I mean staring at the computer screen waiting for someone to comment on your facebook or boredly scrolling through the internet when you need to get your laundry done. Sometimes we just need that down time. But sometimes I think my downtime might be more fulfilling if it was spent in a bubble bath, reading a book or doing some good old fashioned meditation.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Day

Sometimes you just wake up feeling like it is a "new day". Well, of course it is but you must also turn the page in your mind. All yesterdays problems, events and things to do are over and things begin anew -with new outlook, idea and color. Its a cold 33 degrees but from my window I see blue sky and golden sun pouring over the fence. A new day. A good day.
I forsee a good run and some mileage on my shoes today, warm meals made from scratch and the completion of orders which I am so thankful to have.
Yesterdays HOUR SWAP project is featured above, it went for a high bid of $20! This has been a good week for me in the DIY money making project department. I am full of gratitude and humility at everyones interest and kindness.
This weekend I'll be posting some spotlights and doing a little local spotlight on a neighborhood business I adore. Love where you live!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Too Cold

It is just much too cold for waiting on downtown streets in sweaty clothes for late buses. I'm going to do my yoga and Pilates here at the house today and hope to get some running in this weekend when the temps climb up a little. Wuss....yes.
Plus I'm doing a studio lock down day and working on orders and getting some stuff done.
Featured above is yesterdays Hour Swap piece, you'll have to visit my other blog to find out it's fate!
I've been featured in some treasuries this week so I'll try to do my gratitude blog either today or tomorrow.
Everyone have a great Friday and weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nothing from Nothing

"Ripple Effect"
7" x 7" acrylic on wood panel
Winning Bid: $10
My Pilates teacher has a little saying she likes to throw out there while we're struggling to not die on the floormats in a half crunch we've been holding for a full minute...she says "Nothing from nothing equals nothing! Something from something equals something!" Which of course means- your effort will provide gains and she is right- not only has my effort in Pilates already provided me with gains (or losses I should say, bye bye 3 lbs!) but it is a good thing to remember when you're working on other parts of your life. Put in the effort! Things aren't just going to magically happen by themselves. So when sales were NOT coming through my door via ETSY I figured I had better put some effort in and use the ol noggin'...that was the impetus for my other blog. 2 Blogs is not so easy to keep up with- especially when you're trying to keep your content varied. And then add on to it that one blog requires you to work for it, work hard so that you not only gain readers but buyers! But something from something equals something and I'm in it to win it.
I was feeling silly yesterday and have been enjoying watching Sanford and Son on Antennae TV (33.2 here in DFW) so yesterdays HOUR SWAP was..."Fred G. Sanford" and he sold at a bid of $10! A steal! I painted him not only because he is funny but like me- a little entrepreneur doing what he had to do to make it. In his case- collect junk. In my case hustle artwork.
I updated my website with more about the project and hope to see this thing grow- at least get a little handful of pieces into the hands of those who would like to collect art but can't afford to- not at gallery prices anyway.
Today I have orders to work on (YAY! WORK!) and do you actually think I got my Christmas tree taken down and anything cleaned yesterday?
Big Fat No.
Nothing from nothing equals nothing after all...or a bunch of dirty dishes, hairballs and a dirty house.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mid Week Mess

This was created for yesterdays HOUR SWAP project, if you're keeping up with that you know a lucky person is getting a painting that took me ONE HOUR to create in exchange for one hour of their hourly wage. That one went for $9! Follow my other blog The Art Of Poverty "Experiments in Unemployment" if you're interested in getting an art piece for insane $9! Or if you're interested to see how crazy it is trying to live off your own wit, skill and creativity. It's like Survivor but I have yet to succumb to eating grub worms or killing my chickens!
I looked around my place yesterday and, this place is a mess. For all intent and purpose it looks like Christmas is still going strong in my living room. EVERYTHING holiday is still up down to the cheery wreath on my front door-which tells the whole world you're slackin' or still waiting on a late delivery from Santa. I would be the former.
I promised my Mom I'd lunch with her today and then I have band practice this evening so my studio is not gonna get much action today but if I can I will be disassembling anything holly and jolly and starting to put my cave back into place.
Somehow Im going to try to squeeze an Hour Swap project in but it's gonna be tight. Hope everyone is enjoying hump day as much as me! WHEEEEE!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday was a day of fun experiments on wood panels. I bought these nice little 7" x 7" wood panels and decided to see what I could do in ONE HOUR. The end result was this:

As I sat there trying to decide on a nice price to list it on Etsy - the idea struck about charging one hour of someones hourly work wage for one hour of my painting time on this painting. It would be fair and affordable and would get my work to someone who might not be able to afford it otherwise. Not sure how to accomplish this on Etsy I decided to make it a purely Facebook and Blog experiment. Want to see what happened? Go to: the art of poverty to find out!
Above is another wood panel I did just for kicks, I'm playing with my paper cutter and this piece kind of reminded me of Matisse and his cut paper forms and colors. I am itching to get at a canvas but know I need to create some smaller works for Underground before I can.

I also have an order for a France Gall box and I need more valentines in my shop as we approach that holiday. I also need to dust off my bass guitar and get in tune for The Shapes show coming up. We start practice this week!
My other blog has definitely lit a fire under me and made me put my foot to the pedal on trying to create more money leaves on my tree. Not sure if it is pure luck or what but I had a sale last night in the Etsy shop!

Wave bye bye to Mr. Tiger Record!
Time to go update my other blog and in case you're interested I'll be doing another "HOUR SWAP" today so stay tuned to the Art Of Poverty blog to see if you can get a painting for like $12.78 or see if I sink or swim....da da dunnnnnnnn!

(pictured above: Papercut Painting Vines on Wood $15 in my etsy shop and "Against The Grain-The Hour Swap Project" 7" x 7" acrylic on wood panel)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Motivation

In light of me doing a hardcore grocery run on my bike yesterday (in the mist and cold) and my body telling me to CHILL- I'm skipping Pilates class today. I know, I know.....shameful. I suppose at the last minute I may still jump on the bus but doubtful. Theres a big parade downtown and the buses will be running wonky. Yes, I can make up excuses till the cows come home :)
BUT-I will be doing a neighborhood run and possibly a bike ride to celebrate the 60 degrees we're climbing up to today! WOOHOO!
Yesterday I started a new blog called "Experiments in Unemployment" here and it is pretty much self explanatory. Check it out if you wanna see me try to stave off impending doom! Oh no!
I also baked my first gluten free loaf of bread yesterday and must say- pretty tasty! Not sure that I have gluten problems but am experimenting with various known problem makers and trying to cut stuff out of my diet to see if I can't find the culprit of my ailments.
There is really too much to do to even wrap my brain around right now so I leave you with a photo of my delicious loaf of bread!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Slow Down

It's been a week of making, doing, meetings, meetups and now a little Sunday slow down before it starts all over again.

I feel like I have a lot of little pots on the stove and I'm hoping one of them will offer up a tasty stew to feed me.
Sales are slow. But I have decided not to stress or worry over it, merely keep creating and really looking at each new opportunity that presents itself to me as a potential rung on the ladder to something else.
Worked on some mock up "invitations" for one of those potential opportunities and was pleased with how far I've taken my skills as an artisan. I still have some terribly bad photos of the first stuff I posted on Etsy back in 2007. I really don't know how anything sold with those horrible photos!
I was featured in a gorgeous treasury yesterday so that is always a little pick-me-up. Check out The Vintage Gangs treasury GREEN TEA. As with all treasury makers-I will be putting Vintage Gang into a treasury too and also a little blog spotlight this week.

Heres the poster design for THE SHAPES reunion show I did. Looking forward to this and also knowing I need a lot of practice to get my fingers and voice back into shapes for this- no pun intended.
Speaking of shaping up- I lost 3 lbs since I took on the Pilates + Yoga + Running + Biking! I can feel my body getting stronger and I have more energy! It's important for artists who are sedentary by nature to be active. Take time away from your easels and work tables and get outside and get your heart pumping!
It looks like a wash today with rain steady in the forecast. Bread baking day and more studio time for me.
Everyone have a relaxing Sunday!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain Puddles

The weather icons on my computer screen show a grey rain cloud and rightly so. It is raining and has been for a few hours. A perfect day for staying in and working on a new project.
Only- I also need to get groceries and this is where it gets complicated. You see, I have no car. Never have. I get my groceries on my bike and well...rain just kinda sucks to do the grocery trip in especially when you add into it that it's 41 degrees. So I'm hoping for a rain reprieve, a raincheck from the rain. Dear Rain, please stop for like...2 hours so I can go get groceries. Please. Thanks.
Yesterday I ran out for supplies, I'm trying my hand at schmancy invitations and had to get nice paper. I also saw this paper punch that I had to have- I tell myself- even though it was out of my budget. So now I feel compelled to punch paper and try to make my money back on it. I'll post pics of my efforts later this weekend.
Thoroughly busy weekend making invitations, new stuff for the shop and a flier for the next gig. Oh yeah, The Shapes are playing a reunion show on Feb. 25th and I gotta get the graphic word out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Out and About

Yesterday was a thoroughly productive day with me getting just about everything I meant to do in the studio-done. Except for one thing. I like to start something before I quit for the prime a canvas or a box or sketch out the next record. It keeps me excited for the next days creative session to know that something is waiting and started for me. I wasn't able to do that but look at what I did do! Featured above- Lucky Hare Green Tea box. I had fun photographing this box, spilling my sencha tea all over the place and playing with teapots and chopsticks.

This is a healing mandala I made to give to a charitable event, it will be auctioned off to benefit Gilda's Club which helps support those affected by cancer. When making these I try to think about healing, wellness and joy. I try not to let any negative thoughts pop into my head. It is a lot like meditation. I need to make one of these for myself!

And this is a set of records I'm shipping off to New York this morning. The Mondrian record set! They look great as a set and so I made a listing for Made To Orders on my Etsy site in case anyone wanted to order a set. Thats my cat Poppy making her photographic debut.
Today is post office, yoga and supply run day. My glue gun has bit the dust and I need to grab a few essentials. I also have the mineral MOLYBDENUM on my supply list and am hoping this helps heal my ailments. Looks like the high is going to be 44 so I'm gonna bundle and hope yoga gets me all warmed up (it will).
It's been a thoroughly busy week and it's not over for me yet as I like to work on Saturdays and Sundays. Have fun everyone and if anything in this post caught your eye you should check out my Etsy Shop!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I am locking myself in my studio in a right proper LOCKDOWN DAY! So much stuff I needed to do this week didn't get done, plans popped up, plans fell through and I lost a solid day of work that I need to catch up on. Lockdown day means I DON'T check facebook ten times a day and my cellphone gets left in another part of the house where it can't interrupt. (Thats actually a general rule for me on most days anyway)
I am at work. At Work! It is really hard to get into the work zone when you know you have something to do at some point in the day or know you will have to stop for some reason or other so today I do not exist to anyone and hopefully I will get stuff done.
Yesterday I did get a mandala record done that I'm donating to a charitable event and group. I also primed a box and wrote some business proposals to a couple of places.
Funds are dying every day and I'm trying my best not to stress out about it but OUCH this seat is HOT!
Working for yourself has it's ups and it's downs, this is the downside- STRESS OVER FINANCES.
Have you peeped my Etsy shop lately? :)
Everyone have a productive day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Treasury Up!

Finally got the treasury up, take a peek:
Love is in the Details

A lovely assortment of finds from people who have treasured me, favorited me or who just had some amazing stuff!

Today I'll be locking down in the studio and photographing my Mondrian record set, finishing a record mandala and starting sure what yet but lots of ideas brewing upstairs in the noggin'! Speaking of time!
Have a great day!
(featured above: Something New II Red Heart Two Tone Necklace with Coral by Amoronia)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I see London I see France!

I don't see anyones underpants! Just added a new box style to the etsy inventory, the French Cafe Very Paris Box! Ooh La La!
I had planned on working very hard today in the studio but had something pop up that's gonna take the day away from me and a meeting this evening so it looks like projects are on the backburner until tomorrow. Good thing that backburner is lit because it's 25 degrees here, brrrrrrrrrrrr......

Monday, January 10, 2011


It's cold mornings like this that make it REALLY hard to climb out of warm pj's and leave the house. 30 degrees. BRRRR! Have to, have to, have to (trying to motivate myself), have to, have to.
I got quite a lot done yesterday in the creative department. I finished this TIGER AND BLOSSOM AND BEE record, some valentine cards and almost finished an order for a Mondrian record set. When that is done I want to take some photos of it because those look really cool as a set on the walls.
I also laid the groundwork for another mandala record and a new box...but I have to go to the post office this morning and then Pilates so all my projects have to wait.
Oh Monday! You are so busy!
Hope everyone has an awesome week, hopefully I can get a treasury up by tonight. It is my goal!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rainy Day Sunday

Was greeted yesterday morning with a SALE! Sold my "Year of the Rabbit" box and now have a whole little bevy of stuff to ship out next week. Packing stuff up this afternoon amidst creating some new record pieces and hopefully some more valentines.
It's raining and cold here, theres a little cloud icon with snow flakes on my weather alert...skeptical but will welcome snow any ol' day. We don't see it much here in Texas.
Hopefully this week I will have tigers, a little French flair and maybe some ginkgo's to show in the shop!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Creative Weekend!

Yesterday I finished this little jaguar box! I was so thrilled to be able to work with my new onlays (the little carved wood decoration on top of the box) and glad I picked some more up at the store yesterday. I have lots of blank boxes and valentine carding supplies to work with now. I love supply runs! I also snagged a little wooden box purse and some wood experiments to try. I'm also going to try putting little "feet" on some of the boxes and see how that goes. So much to do, so many ideas in my brain so it's a good thing the weather forecast is calling for SNOW tomorrow and I can lock myself away all weekend and work on stuff. Although I am sad my hike tomorrow will have to be postponed, I really needed a good hike to recharge the senses.
Yesterday was also my first YOGA class which I have added onto my already exercise-centric schedule of Pilates, biking and running. Yoga made my wrists and shoulders sore, I'm doing something wrong I'm sure. Downward dog is a struggle, hopefully in time I'll get the hang of this.
I finally had my first sale of the year yesterday evening and sold a few records from the Etsy shop! WOOOOHHOOOOOO! I was getting scared since I just went and bought supplies and my funds are dying slowly every day that I don't sell anything. Marked almost everything in my shop down so hopefully I can get some more sales rolling in.
Featured in another treasury, these make my day! Check out this cool homage to Brittania called "Dreaming Of A British Vacation" by OhCanada on Etsy.
Today is priming records day....laundry, sweeping, mopping and general maintenance and then a very creative weekend in the studio.
Everyone have a great weekend, throw a snowball or two!
(Jaguar box can be found at my etsy shop)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Spotlight Friday!

Today I wanted to catch up on SAYING THANK YOU to some sweet Etsy people who have put me in treasuries of late. I will be doing a Thank You Treasury at some point this weekend but for now a Blog Shout Out to the kind sweet strangers who have put me in some really cool treasuries of late. This is usually called Five For Friday but there were more sweet people than I could count on one hand. Who are these people and what do they do? Let's find out!

MoMoPics shop is a wonderful little trip through baby onesies and tiny tees. It was hard to choose which picture to show off from her shop but I thought the sneaky duck running through the camo was pretty wonderful!

petekdesign Now here's a Tea Party poster I can get down with! Wonderful stuff at petekdesigns shop, it was hard to choose just one image since the "If You Wanna Kiss KISS DONT TALK" poster made me giggle. If you must know I'm an avid "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" fan and I know how that quote came about. Lots of cool stuff in Hebrew too as this shop is from Israel.

TBMarie how your shop makes me want your jewelry! Just take a look at some of these pretty little rings n things! I love the dangling rings and the affordable prices. Unique stuff, I've not seen rings put together like this before. This shop is in Croatia and has some really lovely stuff!

Connect The Dots Crafts has some seriously awesome repurposed and recycled stuff! Featured above....coin purses made out of various drink cartons! AAAAGH! How cool! There are also some really neat utility aprons and gift tags in her shop, and earrings...oh go look already!

Muds Evolution Pottery I was going to feature the totally rad noodle bowl at first glance but then saw....Ginkgo! I am a sucker for Gingko, their beautiful elegant little shape, color...a magical little plant. So needless to say I really love these little ginkgo leaves and someone should buy them for me. Really. Go check out the wonderful pottery in this shop, lovely pieces every one!

Amoronia made it really hard to choose a photo also. Sweet little nest earrings or the amazing green Two-gether necklace or...or....check out this beautiful shop of amazing jewelry! Aren't these little nest earrings so precious?!

Thank you so much to the sellers featured above for making my Etsy experience wonderful, it's amazing what a kind act can do for a persons morale. Happy Crafting everyone and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Good News!

Nothing like good news to invigorate your creative sensibilities. My trip to the doctor yesterday brushed off all my fears of having Diabetes. I am in the clear of that at this stage of the game! Still keeping a vigilant watch on my diet and health and making some changes for the best.
I finished this special project box- which is a bit of a secret until it's all complete- but expect to see this box again new and improved for a special reason down the line.

It has been fun doing these new boxes, making them look rusticated and adding new elements to them. I hand cut the felt for the inside to look like leaves and made a special tag to go along with the boxes. Something I'd like to start doing for some new boxes, really making them special.
Today I'm focusing on doing a jaguar box with my new wooden carved inserts and a tiger record painting. It will be good luck to have these animals around in the studio. Gearing up for a couple of things next month, save the dates:
FEB 12 - UNDERGROUND at South Side On Lamar 8PM, check my website to learn more. Speaking of my website, I don't think I mentioned that is now Tiger Bee Arts and you can access it at, you can keep up with my upcoming events and news and there are some photo galleries posted of various events I've participated in.
The other date to save is another TOMS event! I really have fun at these! Feb 19th I'll be at NorthPark again painting Toms shoes. For every pair that is bought a pair goes to a child in need. It's a wonderful cause and you get your shoes customized by artists at no extra cost to you! I'll keep you guys updated as the time gets closer. February is poppin'!
Much to do today, hopefully everyone is enjoying good health and a wonderful week!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Jan 5- Hustle

Yesterday I spent a good deal of time in the studio,I finished this new style of English Tea Box with Big Ben on it and primed another box I'll be working on today. Also listed some new Valentines on Etsy. Seems a little early for Valentines but in the "industry" I'm way late on getting Valentines out, seems they shoulda been done before Christmas. ;-/
Running some tests today and hoping for the best. Mind over matter!
Hope everyone is having a fun and creative day.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jan 4- Bicycle Around the World Day

I just looked at my calendar and noticed two things. One is that it says "Bicycle Around the World Day" on Jan 4th and the second that I hadn't blogged since the New Year began.
Not really sure what Bicycle Around The World Day is but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to participate in it. I did participate in Run Around The Park Day today though, hopefully it's in the same spirit!
I started the year with a little sugar in my gas tank. Uncertain news about my health that could be nothing or could be something, either way I'm trying to stay positive about the whole thing. And how do we do that? By staying busy as hell and creative in the studio.....and by running around the park! Started the week off with Pilates and strength training at the gym along with my usual elliptical training. On my off days from the gym I'm tracking my mileage with neighborhood runs, in the cold, in the sun...I am there, running!

I'm adding Yoga to my schedule this week and also the first hike of the year this weekend with the Texas Trail Trekkers. Texas Trail Trekkers is a hiking group I organized because I LOVE being outside. It's a total inspiration, refresher, recharger for me. So very physical week for me and feeling great about it.
Cleaned the studio right proper and regained my working table from the clutter monster. Working on some boxes today and some records if time allows. Busy bee me.
Hope everyone is enjoying a creative start to the New Year as well. If you're interested in the Trail Trekkers click the link!