Sunday, October 07, 2007

Catch the spirit!

Yes, sometimes I feel like an 8 year old trapped in a 31 year olds body. And you know what? It's fun! I think it's important to always remain a child at heart and as a child if I wasn't playing outside I was glued to the dining room table drawing and making stuff.
I took a walk this morning, thought about how my myspace blogs were mainly me complaining about something or other and harping how I need to clean my apartment. Boring! After seeing some nice jackolanterns and Halloween decorations gracing some neighbors yards I really caught the spirit and I was homeward bound to fish out my scissors and glue. I came across the bright orange flyers that were made for the Factory party and was inspired to make some paper pumpkins and festive leaves (ones my cat wouldn't try to eat) and here is what I came up with in about 30 minutes. Why spend $ on Halloween decorations when you can make some easy ones yourself? :)

Can you find Andy Warhol? Graphic leaves for my cornucopia

I found some REAL leaves and traced them onto colored paper- the fun part was the Andy faces on the back. You can do this with any fun flyer, even spooky themed ones! Cut em and put em where you want!

Pumpkin balls!

These are simply made from strips of paper and a glue stick. I experimented with glitter on one and on another I added a green paperclip on top to hold a nice shape and added a litte green raffia for a vine. You can't see it so well though. :(

What's cooking in your Halloween cauldron? :D

Saturday, October 06, 2007

boxing match

It's back to making boxes until around about Thanksgiving time. Here's my latest custom order...I call it the "Grottu" box after the guy who ordered it. Yes, that's a "scuz fink". Kinda cute?!

more boxes to look at: