Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of The Year

It's the Last Day of the Year and I'm feeling better. Not completely free of the cold- but better. Spent yesterday working on a Tea Box (pictured above) and a record piece I'm posting to Etsy later. The last days of 2010 have been kind in the Treasury dept. I've been featured in a few and also a blog! Check these lovely treasuries out:

Year of The Rabbit Treasury and A List For Our Mondrian Times with the Mondrian inspired blog

I'll be thanking all the treasury makers and blog writers next week with a blog feature on their Etsy Shops, so heads up for that!
Keeping my head up and looking forward to 2011. Itching to get some more creating done today but the house can't go into the New Year looking like this so it's cleaning day for me.
Everyone have a safe and enjoyable end to the New Year and I wish you lots of good Health, Happiness and Creative Time!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year of The Rabbit

Working on my second cup of coffee and trying to shake away the Nyquil/Melatonin cobwebs that have me in their fuzzy grasp. There is much to be done now that I can breathe a little better.
My studio needs to be sorted, organized and put in order. Yesterday I pulled myself from bed and sat in the studio to put two new boxes together- for the mere purpose of having something new in the Etsy shop and to do something. I can't stand lazing a few days away with nothing created. I'm mental like that.
Finished a nice Year Of The Rabbit box (pictured above) but had no patience to take good pictures so I'll be re-shooting it today-outside preferably. I am loving introducing new elements to the boxes, little pieces of glass mosaic tiles- this fun metallic paint I discovered. It's going to be a time of experimentation for me when I finish all my pending orders next week. I'm also in the mood for mandala records. Not enough time in the day!
Still suffering through a cold which has been tricky like a fox, lulling me into false sense of security and then leaping upon me viciously. I am going to be vigilant with my meds, vitamins and good eating for a good while until it is gone.
It's the pending New Year anyway- sometimes you need things such as bad health to act as catalysts for change.
Sales have been slow as I had predicted. The hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping is over and people are trying to rebuild their wallets. Am going to do my best not to stress and keep plowing forward with creating and hoping ol Luck smiles down on me....that and lots of marketing research and trying to find new avenues of selling. Possibly need to make a new sales event happen. Like I said....not enough time in the day.
Here's to everyones GOOD HEALTH, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS in the New Year! Never forget that YOU are the Captain of your ship so steer that baby where you may!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obligatory Blog

What is it about harboring a little fire in your throat and not being able to breathe that puts one in a grumpy mood? Odd isn't it? Yes folks, Santa brought me a cold this year. A tricky little one that almost felt like it was going away before it grabbed me by the collar and gave me a fierce headbutt and knocked my nasal passages out of commission. Quite the visual, I know.
I am a terrible sick person too. I feel sorry for anyone who has to be around me, sullen and uncommunicative and grumpy to put it nicely. But I'm trying to be good this time around and see this as a time for rest, catching up on reading and movies and just having to come to terms that if I don't feel up to working on stuff-then I don't. Much as it pains me and my wallet.
Hibernation time. I'll blog when I got my spirits back and am breathing again. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, it's a good thing I got a new teapot and lots of green teas over the holidays!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dec 24th- The EVE

Listening to a cold rain fall on the windows and feeling warm and abundant. Thankful for shelter, heat and the little comforts of life. Knowing that I am fortunate, despite being poor financially....very fortunate for all the wonderful people in my life, the little basic pleasures which I have learned to appreciate even more. So I wanted to wish everyone a very wonderful Christmas holiday- filled with the most important things in life: Family, Love and Good Health. May you value and appreciate them deeply for they are gifts of the highest magnitude. And I leave you with one of my favorite quotes:
"And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?"
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 23rd-Vacation!

Never have been a fan of the word "Vacay". Leave it to us to take one of the most beautiful words in the English language and hack it to a harsh and awkward sound. No. Let that beautiful word rolllll off your tongue, every syllable to be savored. Vay-cay-shun! Vacation!
Today is the beginning of mine and I have looked to the wise creatures who inhabit my home with me for advice. There they are pictured above and their advice to me...well, can be viewed quite easily. Laziness. Couch worshipping. Snuggling. A Whole Lot Of Nothin'. They are so wise, easier said than done though. I am actually kicking off my vacation with some organizing and cleaning but not getting too crazy about it and there will be plenty of couch worship as I catch up on some magazines and reading. I've got some snacks stocked up and everyones orders are DONE! I could do a count of how many people are getting Tigerbee Goods this year for Christmas but it hurts my head as much as warms my heart- I have painted a LOT this season! And I've barely seen friends so I've decided to go out tonight, in a dress and everything and have a celebratory drink. Maybe a cranberry something?
Hoping everyone is enjoying some time doing fun things, resting and being with friends and family. It's time to slow down and remember the things that matter.
Where are my kitties? We have some snugglin' to do!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 22nd- Closer

Yesterday saw me finishing up this Kitty Cat Box for a Christmas order and now there is one order left in the shop. A Ramones box. I can officially clock out for Christmas once this is done!
A quick trip to the doctor to put my spine back in place and then I'll get busy juggling the box and grocery getting. I woke up to see that Santa had been hard at work putting my new bike basket onto my bike. Poor Santa! My mountain bike didn't have some of the things that normal bikes have for mounting such things so Santa had to use a hacksaw and some special parts from Home Depot to get my basket on. Everything is a hard task around here. But it's on! And I can't wait to see how much I can carry in it!
Vacation for me will most likely be a lot of cleaning and organizing but it will be a nice break from sitting hunched over with a paintbrush in my claw for a few days.
Well, much to do and SOON so have a great one!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20th- It Looms!

It's the week of Christmas and the house is a mess, good thing I'm not expecting any guests! Oh wait- I am. CRIKEY! Have people coming to pick up their orders this week so some time should be devoted to a bit of housework.
Just finished a monster of a box. Sorry Jesus and Mary- but you were a two day mountain. Pleased with the way they came out though. Possibly why my back is killing me. Will be doing penance at Pilates class for it.
Much to do before I take a "break" and why am I thinking that I could start my vacation on Wednesday? That's just crazy. I just had two orders drop in my lap after the cutoff date. Happy for the business and definitely need the money so I'll be working on getting those done so RESTING can commence!
I have so much to do that I've decided not to think about it but rather turn on the autopilot and just start cruise control- picking up one thing, doing it, moving on, on to the next thing, etc, etc. Maybe I should make a list? Maybe that will just stress me out even more? Still need to go buy something for Christmas dinner. I'm getting the feeling the family is just not in the mood this year but I'm feeling ham-mish and am going to see how much a nice glazed ham costs this week. Luckily Santa came early and smiled on me- I am now the proud owner of a bike basket and mount! I can carry more groceries! I can carry more packages to the post! I am feeling super excited and abundant about this!
Looking forward to a BUSY but fun week, I think the fun will start when the house is clean, the orders are done and theres a ham in the oven.
Try to enjoy the madness!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dec 18th- Here, There, Everywhere

Yesterday I walked into the living room where my indoor mailbox drops and found a whole smattering of Christmas cards everywhere. YAY! Santa came when I wasn't looking! Amongst the envelopes was a larger envelope and in it was the Oak Cliff People newspaper I appeared in. YAY! My Mom was so proud and she needed a little cheer, it's been a very rough year on our family.
It's funny all the things you get asked in an interview that never make it into print. I'm fairly certain 80% of my conversation revolved around how my Dads passing gave me some inner inspiration to make good on his name and go out and seek my dreams. That didn't make it into print unfortunately but it is true.
I was surprised to make the front page but there I am! Funny how the story happened, I was trying to fill out their form online to buy an ad when a computer glitch didn't complete the process. One of their ad agents went to my website to investigate, loved what she saw and told a reporter about me and WHAM- story! You just never know how life will surprise you.
Today is gonna be madness I suspect. Bussing to the drugstore to pick up medicine, riding over to visit my Mom later ( car here) and then possibly hooking up with a friend for a holiday card order pickup. Party invitation for this evening... and somewhere in there finishing this box for a customer. OH MY! Where's my second cup of coffee?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec 17th- Balance

I've decided to give myself a mini vacation for the holidays. An extreme and implausible notion for a self employed artist! Those are lost days with no pay unless something sells in the Etsy shop but alas- life is too short and didn't I vow when I left my 9-5 that life was for living? So yes, I will be enjoying a few days of leisure time with family and friends and enjoying the holiday as best I can without a paintbrush attached to my hand. That means I finish all projects before next Wednesday. I can do it!
It's important to find the work/life balance and it's a daily struggle for me right now. I haven't slipped into a routine, in fact I've been enjoying NO routine whatsoever but then I find the house starts to go to pieces and grocery shopping doesn't get done etc, etc. I'll find the balance with a little tweaking here and there.
Finished a customers box yesterday- a monster of a box that took all day it seemed. I'm blaming the colder temps for not allowing paint to dry fast enough and today I start another customers box whilst juggling housecleaning (yay) and some food prepping. Starving artists still need to eat.
But where yesterdays attitude was driven and inflexible today finds me leisurely and open to where the wind blows me. Maybe it's the holidays tapping me on the shoulder?
Everyone have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec 16th- Go Elf!

Yesterday was a whirlwind that whirled me into an early bedtime with exhaustion. It was lots of fun helping with the toy drive though, I'm excited for the kids who are getting some presents from Santa this year that I helped pick out. ;)
Tonight they will be handing the toys out to the kids along with punch, cookies and Santa Claus of course but I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend. I have a day full of orders ahead of me and possibly a trip to the post office to get that Ramones box out that sold yesterday. The boxes in the shop are dwindling and I can't wait to make some new fresh ones- but can't until Christmas orders are filled. BUSY ELF!
Anyway, busy busy busy day...and happy for it and feeling blessed. Hearing the bus that used to take me to my 9-5 cruise by in front of my house all day is a GREAT reminder that my job right now is where I am meant to be. Loving it, every busy minute.
Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

11 days til Christmas

I hope I can be as happy and smiley as I run around today as Mr. Gingerbread Man there. Very packed day but should be fun.
Starting off with packing an English Tea Box and biking it over to the nearest post, another Christmas present that needs expediting for a customer. Then I'm reporting to a Toys For Tots Donation Drive at my local park, I'll be sorting toys for a few hours before dropping off another box to a customer in the neighborhood and then working on orders after all is said and done. WHEW!
Much to be done and it's looking like my natural wreath may never get started, maybe it'll be a New Years wreath instead.
Trying to shake off some Bah Humbugs so Im hoping volunteering and riding my bike all over town will be just the ticket.
Have a great one everybody!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 14th- Boxing Ring

It's time to step into the Boxing Ring and TKO a couple of these box orders. Bam! Pow! I'll be a painting elf for the rest of the week but will try to pop in for a blog or two. This reminds me- it would be great therapy to have a punching bag to punch and kick. Maybe 2011 will see my return to the martial arts HI-YAAAAH!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec 13th-Ship Day!

Something criminal about leaving a warm, cozy bed to trudge around downtown in 26 degrees WILLINGLY. But that is what I'm doing today. Shipping day and Pilates for me. I was planning on my usual supply run which adds another 3 hours to my trip but as of right now I'm nixing that plan and saving it for a warmer day. BRR!
Mailing out Panda Box (above) and an armload of Christmas cards I slaved over all evening. Note to self: get cards done around Thanksgiving time next year.
Today is supposedly the busiest shipping day of the year according to internet hype. Hopefully thats not true this year or hopefully I get there before anyone. The 26 degrees might be playing into my favor after all!
Have a great day everyone, the big day looms nearer! I'm offering 15% off in my etsy shop if you use the code XMAS1 so you can still get a great deal for a Christmas gift and there are tea boxes in stock. Put your friends favorite tea in there and you are ready to give an excellent gift!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec 12th- REST!

Yesterdays Handcrafted Holiday Sale went wonderfully! I arrived to find that one of the boxes (my special Jaguar box with mosaic tiles) had already been reserved as a wedding present! How special! Met so many wonderful vendors with beautiful stuff to sell and the people who came in to buy were all in wonderful moods, sipping wine and nibbling Christmas cookies (the frosted cookies were like little cupcakes, I had to remind myself of Pilates and not go for seconds) and BUYING! It was great to see people walk out with little bags of this and that. I had a few painted records, record mirrors and boxes sell and the Christmas cards were a big hit. I did well!
So glad that small businesses and artists and artisans can still do a little business in this economy right now. I had so much fun, it was nice to get out and be social. I took some photos of everyones shop (some are a little blurry, I apologize) and bought some tiny affordable gifts as well. Here are some photos from the handcrafted Holiday show at TEATRO DALLAS.

Sara Cardona who coordinated the event was selling some wonderful original paintings by Bangladesh artist Ali Akbar for $15 (framed!)

total cute explosion at this very kid friendly booth!

Such beautiful jewelry in amazing color pairings, I loved the garnet and wine colors best:

Jim from Mimi's Bees treated everyone who passed by to a little spa for your hands with some amazing exfoliating scrub...needless to say EVERYONE was walking out with little tubs of that stuff. Amazing!

loved the Latin theme at this table, lots of stuff for little bebe's and cool stuff for adults too:

really loved the little "Pio Pio Pio" bebito shirt

My booth neighbor was Maria Teresa Pedroche and she made the most wonderful little milagro soaps, there were blessing hands, corazons, ojos (eyes) and all kinds of designs, some had shells and flowers pressed into them and irridescent food paint made them shimmer! Did I mention they smelled wonderful?

It was a great day full of busy-ness and business. Today I put my gridwall back up, put everything back into place in my studio and after getting my own Christmas cards ready to be mailed I'll be taking a break from the studio to REST and do real life stuff. It's been a busy and eventful week- this little bee needs a day to rest!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 11th- Holiday Sale Day!

Just have time for a quickie today before I rush off to man the sale table at Teatro Dallas. Worked on a new batch of Christmas cards last night so I'll be selling those along with my records and boxes at SALE prices. I hope some of my friends stop by and grab some wine, light bites and peruse the handmade goodness of several vendors.
Life is kinda crazy right now so I am looking forward to tomorrow being a day of peace and reflection and non busyness. But today- busy, busy...hope to see you here:

Teatro Dallas
1331 Record Crossing Road
Dallas, TX

December 11 from 12 - 5pm

A little bird told us...
"Have a GREEN holiday without being in the RED!"

Join us for a holiday pop-up sale
Saturday December 11 from 12-5 p.m.
Support and sustain local, professional artists and craftspeople offering affordable unique gifts for those you love. Wine, and light bites.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec 10th- Friday!

It is with great joy that I announce that the sale on my painting DID go through last night. As a self employed little busy bee, these are the things we thrive on. Feeling so blessed.
Today I'm packing up ALL my BOXES and ALL my Christmas Cards and ALL my records and painted pots and folding up the gridwall. We're going a travellin' today! Taking everything to Teatro Dallas to set up for the sale we're having on SATURDAY DEC 11th!
I'm going to have to give my guy a tutorial on DEACTIVATING my ETSY LISTINGS. As things sell they will have to removed from my online shop. Going to be tricky, wish me luck!
Finished a new record mirror yesterday, this one is on a 12" record and I've hand inked little funny retro cats all over it. Kinda cute huh?
Sold the Green Tea Panda Box yesterday (20% of proceeds to go to the Giant Panda Conservation Fund) and started thinking about other charities I could help through my work. From now until Jan 31st I'm going to be donating 10% of each sale to to the North Texas Food Bank. My family has had to rely on them in some hard times through the years and I am thankful they are there. My own Mom and brother are pretty much in the poverty class so I will be helping them personally as well. This is what the season is all about for me. Nothing feels as good as giving. Donate to them directly with cans of food if you can, they have many donation centers set up around town.
Much to do to prepare for the sale, hope everyone who wants a handmade from me comes out to see me:

December 11 from 12 - 5pm

A little bird told us...
"Have a GREEN holiday without being in the RED!"

Join us for a holiday pop-up sale
Saturday December 11 from 12-5 p.m.
Support and sustain local, professional artists and craftspeople offering affordable unique gifts for those you love. Wine, and light bites.

Teatro Dallas
1331 Record Crossing Road
Dallas, TX

I should have a small feature in the Oak Cliff People Newspaper today, if it goes online I'll share the link. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dec 9th- take care day!

Yesterday was abuzz with boxes. I finished 3 in one day- I think a new milestone for me. I finished two English Tea Boxes and this little Jaguar Box pictured above. I used my new little mosaic tiles and LOVED how easy they were to work with. How cool they look when they are dry. They really added a lot to that box!
Someday I'll do some mosaic tile stuff, will need grout and all that fun stuff.
Had some visitors yesterday too, good thing I had baked some brownies up for giving. One of my friends bought all the Christmas cards I had just made so I will need to make some more today. Maybe my Mom will want to make some too. Thats where I'm heading today, off to visit my Mom with some brownies in tow of course! :)
Unfortunately the BUG has hit our house. I've been waiting for it. But this morning my man had the sniffley, stuffies and complaints. A sure sign that the dreaded cold bug has arrived. I have yet to get it. I really don't want to get sick so I will be doing some extra care tactics today. Disinfecting all the doorknobs, light switches, phone and common handling places. Going to the store for more herbal teas (I've been drinking Good Earths Sweet and Spicy Tea-already sweet no sugar to add!), bell peppers, garlic, chicken, lemons, ginger, tomatoes, oranges and good soup making ingredients. And I'll be going OUT and away from the bug today, good fresh brisk air and biking.
All of this could be futile and my blog tomorrow may be a lot of wah wah wah Im sick! :( Sad face! But hopefully not.
Yesterday I was contacted by an interested art buyer and he is supposed to come view the piece in person this evening and (crossed fingers) buy and pick it up. I really do hope so because I really could use that sale. I love the piece but it's been with me a few years and I am ready to let it go to a nice home with spacious walls.

A good part of the evening will find me packing up all my boxes, records, cards and gridwall for the SALE on Saturday. Going on Friday to setup so theres lots to do to prepare. I don't forsee me creating any new boxes or records today so I will just enjoy Mom time and make some soup. Possibly some Christmas card making. It's a Take Care kinda day.
Everyone Take Care!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dec 8th

Oh busy, busy, busy in my little Elf Workshop! I had two new commission orders come in, both Christmas presents so it's getting close to crunch time aka Christmas!
Still stocking the shop with stuff daily, the Jolly Roger is what I completed yesterday. Also got two English Tea Boxes halfway done and will finish those today and start on the Jaguar box. I'm going to try my hand at "mosaic" work on that one. Wish me luck!
A thoroughly busy day and I'm wondering when I'll have time to make my wreath and my own Christmas cards. Busy is good, so thankful I can use my own two hands and crafty brain to put food on the table while still making people smile. Yesterday I checked out my Etsy feedback and gave myself a pat on the back- people love the care I put into their orders. So grateful!
Better get crackin and clear a little space on my plate, till next time- have a great day!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dec 7th

Stocked up on card making supplies and some more blank boxes yesterday AND finished a new Tea Box. Wasn't planning on it but I really wanted my old friend Tea Time Panda back in the shop. He's a bit of a lucky character. Plus I've become superstitious and believe if I have less than 28 items in the shop I won't sell anything. Silly, I know, but so far my track record has proven this to be true. But I am really trying to stock my shop with such a diverse array of items in time for my big debut in the paper this Friday.
Not to mention I have a big sale on Saturday and there's lots to do. So today I'm a painting fool and I guess I won't have a day off until Sunday after the sale and hooplah. But you know what- that's alright because I am loving every minute of being a painting elf.
I'm thinking an English Tea Box and Mandala record and some more Christmas cards. I am also thinking I need to bake some banana bread today.
I really need to be kept away from the stamps and stationary section of the store because I ended up buying a little more than I planned. I will put it to good use so it's ok but NAUGHTY NAUGHTY, tsk tsk....tight budget right now.
Everyone enjoy the day, whatever it brings- it's still a little gift!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Dec 6th

I get lost in December sometimes and have to try to find a calendar and see what day it is. It's the 6th! I guess the countdown has begun. I have to keep track of the days for the sake of knowing when to take stuff to the post office and how fast stuff ships etc. The English Tea Box I just posted didn't survive 24 hours on Etsy so it's off to the post with it today. Then off to Pilates class and a train adventure to go pick up more supplies. This is becoming the weekly routine.
It's just about time to send off Christmas cards to family and friends too. There really is just not enough time in the day, not even if I get up at 5am. Whew!
Trying to go into the week with positivity even though to be honest the impending holidays have got me a little down. Staying busy will be a balm and I definitely have lots to stay busy at. Going to try and appreciate all the holiday decor downtown today, maybe hunt down some roasted chestnuts somewhere. Have never seen a roasted chestnut man selling them here but there should be!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Short and Sweet

I declare today Hot Chocolate Day! Well, it's 39 degrees here in Dallas and it feels like good weather to put on a pot of hot chocolate, a retro Christmas record (Johnny Mathis anyone?) and FINALLY put my decorations on my tiny tree. I think my tree is 15" tall and I have finally trained my cats to leave it alone. Although there always seems to be some mysterious ornament casualty a year- I have yet to get a confession out of any of them.
After all the fun it's back into the studio. I am going to attempt to recreate Bike and Bunny record. Wish me luck! I'm also thinking to do a jaguar box but we'll see how much steam I have. Finished a Ramones box and an English Tea Box yesterday and listed them on Etsy.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and just a reminder- if you sign up for my mailing list you get DEALS N STEALS on stuff in my shop. Visit my website for the details!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Week That Was

That was quite a week! Started it off with Cyber Monday and ended it on a high note with my interview with Oak Cliff People! A wonderful week that left me feeling thankful and noticed. The interview went great and I was thrilled to get to talk about my inspirations for working. The article should be out on Dec. 10th just in time for...
Handmade Holiday Sale on Dec 11th!
Here's the lowdown:
"Have a GREEN holiday without being in the RED!"

Join us for a holiday pop-up sale
Saturday December 11 from 12-5 p.m.
Support and sustain local, professional artists and craftspeople offering affordable unique gifts for those you love. Wine, and light bites.

Teatro Dallas
1331 Record Crossing Road
Dallas, TX

I'm going to be working hard all week to stock up for the sale so I hope some of my friends come out to pick out handmade gifts from either myself or some of the other wonderful artists and artisans on hand.
Usually when I do these physical sales I deactivate everything in my Etsy shop for the day so if theres something you have had your eye on you should GRAB it while you can!
I would also like to make my own wreath this week so look forward to a little DIY tutorial on that. My friends Kevin and Lydia got some free Fir boughs from Home Depot and brought it to me for just that reason. I had been talking about sneaking all over the neighborhood snipping little pieces here and there and they have saved me from a life of crime!
yesterday I made a rustic folky looking sign out of one of the wooden drawer pieces my Mom gave me. i decided my studio needed more MOTIVATION and my Dads words are always driving me. "Enjoy The Life- Disfruta La Vida" I'm thinking to play around with this imagery more, little jaguar with his thorny rose offering. Take time to smell the roses, the roses come with thorns...such is life.
Saturdays usually find me in the studio and today is no exception, lots of new boxes to replenish (no tea boxes in the shop! for shame!) and some new records would be nice. I'm hoping when the article comes out I will look like a fully stocked art shop again. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Loafing Day

Despite my good intentions yesterday it didn't change the fact that I woke up SUPER EXHAUSTED. It felt like I was on the verge of catching whatever is going around and that I had been up all night partying- which I hadn't. I had been averaging about 3-5 hours of sleep a night and it was finally grabbing me by the lapels.
First I made sure my interview could be moved to today- which it could- HOORAY! Second I made a garlicky chicken broth with mushrooms, onions, crushed red pepper and tomato and drank that baby down with a nice full glass of water. Hydration city!
A nice dose of Nyquil, a cat by my side and something boring on TV and I was out like a light. Woke up hours later from one of the best naps ever and discovered I had drooled like a baby all over my shirtsleeve. EW! But thats a testament to how hard I slept. Feeling rested, cozy and groggy I opted to do nothing but loaf. What better day to crack open that box of bread mix and make my first loaf? Loaf day! Took a good amount of time to prep but the first sourdough loaf came out hot and yummy. Enjoyed it with a Christmas special on TV and promptly knocked back into dreamland.
I know this blog is supposed to be about creativity and motivation but some days you HAVE to rest and that was one of those days. Plus, I DID make a loaf of bread! The day wasn't a total waste! :)
Today I'm doing a little cleanup before the interviewers get here, visiting my Mom and popping back home for my interview. Oak Cliff People, a local paper, are coming over to chat with me about my art and snap my picture. When all that hooplah is over I have to sit down in my studio and work since I missed yesterday. I am gearing up for a real physical sale on Dec 11th at Teatro Dallas. Me and a couple other artists and artisans are going to be selling our handmades for the holidays and there will be wine and light fare- a nice little escape from the bustling mall wouldn't you say? So I have lots to do to get ready for that- first on my list is finding a ride!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hot Cocoa and Hot Glue

Hot Cocoa and Hot Glue was a great way to ring in December! Had tons of fun with the ladies and had lots of yummy treats to indulge in while we worked. My friend Lydia's husband Kevin made a DECADENT Mac N Cheese that blew us all away. It was a great pairing with some wine and brie. I threw some Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate in the crock pot and we really had a cozy time!

I had stocked up on snowflake stickies, fuzzy felt, ribbon, sequins, printed paper and cardstock and we all got busy crafting paper ornament balls, cards and other little undetermined but colorful creations. Lots of laughs around the table and everyone left smiling at the end of the night. Many thanks to my fun gal pals Rose, Lydia and Tempest for a fun and festive evening! Thanks to Kevin for that smashing Mac N Cheese (which I will be polishing off today!) and Danny for running to the store for marshmallows!
And I must thanks my cats for being on their best behaviour and not leaping into our sequins and glue!
Well, yesterdays fun are todays dirty dishes. Time to straighten the hive, I believe I have a special guest coming over today. An interview with a local paper! More on that when it actually happens, don't count your chickens and all that jazz.
Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I'll be ringing in December with a few friends tonight! So excited to have some guests over for a "Hot Cocoa and Hot Glue" night. Me and a few lady friends will be making some fun Christmas crafts while sipping on some hot cocoa and catching up. I've been looking up projects and can't wait to make some cool paper ornaments and some more Christmas cards.
My cards in the shop have been doing well and I've been trying to steadily replenish them. It will be soon time to send out my own cards to family and friends...and so begins the busy month of December. I am going to relish every minute of this month- what a rare pleasure to not be working a 9-5 during Christmas! Will still be working- like an ELF- but on my own sweet schedule. Nutty as it is.
I'll shoot some photos of our craft night, maybe you should host your own- it's a great way to take a breather during the holidays with friends and really experience what makes the holidays important- friends and loved ones!