Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yee Haw!

(not my cat)

I sleepily scanned the etsy treasury page today after not really checking it out in awhile. Some lovely soul included my Early Bird box! :-) I am so thrilled. My Mom actually snagged the box from me and now I have to make another one. But it's nice to see it still gets plenty of cyber love.
I finally carved out a small place for me to work in my studio. See, what was supposed to be my "studio" evolved into a two person computer room slash laundry room. Egad! How's a girl supposed to work?! So I converted one of my cabinet units into a makeshift table and sorted all my felts and papers into bins. I was happily working in the kitchen until my cat went into heat and drove me to madness with her caterwauling and incessant attention grabbing tactics such as..."suprise sucka I'm gonna jump in the middle of your project! PET ME NOW!" or "let me stick my claws in your leg as you're drawing a straight line!" and the ever unpopular "meow, meeeeeow, rrrreeeeeooooooow, mmmmmeeeeeeeeeaaar, rowr, rowr,MMMMEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWR!" whilst insanely rubbing herself all over my feet. I had to move. And she has to get fixed. Pronto like!
Working on some custom orders and will hopefully be done with that today so I can put all my energy into the Etsy Dallas Trunk Show we're doing next weekend. I would love to have a few more things in stock for it but can't really break my back too much this week as it's already pretty taxing. SIGH! Here's to productivity. CLINK!

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