Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Shape I'm In

Well, I got two gigs with The is tonight at The Lounge on Elm St opening for the Tomorrowpeople and the other is tomorrow night at the Dallas Museum of Art. These should be fun, but I can't help but feel a twinge of apprehension as I am in INJURY mode and will probably have to sit while performing both shows. Blues style!
I know I haven't updated here in awhile but since last I blogged I sustained a back injury that has been very painful and which I'm still suffering through. Physical therapy, meds and the headache of dealing with insurance companies. BLAH! But the show must go on and go on it shall....might be the last shows for awhile though as
a. I need to heal
b. The Shapes need to release this damn album already!
Hopefully see you out and about soon!
9/17- The Lounge on Elm 9:30p we start The Shapes, Stephanies ID, Tomorrowpeople
9/18-Dallas Museum of Art- Late Night at the DMA with the Lolli Dollies, DJ Rid, The Shapes


Amy M. Willis said...

How are you feeling? This post was just about 3 weeks ago and I hope all went well! Much love and hope you are having a rockin October! <3

fuzzbuzz said...

;-) I'm still in Injury mode but not anywhere near as horrible as it was at first. Miss you girl, thanks for stopping by!