Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Year Winds Down

Just about everyone who got a gift from me this year got it thanks to I opted for buying handmade this year and decided to forgo the malls (as usual!) I recommend supporting the little DIY arts and crafters and putting money in their pockets when you can.
I also was able to craft up some boxes as gifts and they were well received, I made my nephew (a skater) a spiffy felted skull box but stupidly didn't take photos before I gave it. :P
My sister got this snazzy Siouxsie box and I think she loved it, she kept remarking on it and smiling ;)

I've been experimenting with felted design cutouts....and sequins. I also found some gloss called Triple Thick that is THE best shiniest stuff. I'm already working on another box and with good reason...
I've got a trunk show coming up! In February! So, I'm starting my new line of Valentines boxes and cards and participating in a show I didn't have to bust balls organizing for once. And that's how I'm starting the year. I've joined this group called the Etsy Dallas Street Team and it's all us Dallas (metro) crafters that have shops on etsy. I'm also planning on joining the Oak Cliff Artisans group and making this year a year of new connections and support groups. So already I forecast a busy start to the year. Add in to the fact that Dulce wants to keep me on as an artist supplying them with fresh canvases and I'd say my studio is going to be hopping. Which makes me happy.

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