Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something very strange is going on....

Good things seem to be coming my way. And this is strange and foreign to me. Whenever I see an email in my inbox from the press I cringe a little. I imagine the letter to be something to the effect of "Dear You, why do you keep sending us announcements about your silly events. Please remove us from your mailing list."
Now, I really have no reason to ever receive a letter like that nor have I ever gotten one but it's been my nature to always expect the worst. So I felt a little queasy when Fashion Dallas contacted me about running the promo info for the trunk show along with one of my boxes. And then I was certain I was about to discover I had a rare disease when the Observer contacted me about running my promo and running a photo with it. I think I'm about to get hit by something....abducted by Stephenvillian aliens or something. Something strange is going on and I'm a little n-n-nervous!

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