Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Much to do

If it's not going to snow then I see no point in continuing with "winter" here in Texas. Just bring on the Spring so I can kick my old Trail Trekker group back into gear and we can go exploring.
Yesterday while I was trying to walk a block to my gym I was nearly thrown into the street by the winds ripping through Dallas.I literally could not walk in a straight line and had to stop and steady myself against a light post. While this made me feel like being heavy was not a problem it made for a scary journey to and from the gym.
I have so much to do in and outside of work it's not even funny. I'm trying to partition the day into little organized segments (and my brain too) so I can accomplish everything at a pace and not feel overwhelmed.
Trunk show stuff still needs doing. I need signage which I've already resolved to make the same fashion as I painted the Velvet Underground banana on the tablecloth for the Factory party. I need to go get supplies this weekend, little bags with some pizazz and generally pack up a box of everything I'm going to need. I think once everything is packed into a neat corner of my apartment I can stop worrying that I'm forgetting something.
An order to fill, a few to replace from the shop, promotions for Lollipop Shoppe, a new dance routine to learn and a whole shipload of stuff pouring in on me at work. Yikes! Meditation never looked so appealing!

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