Monday, May 26, 2008

Studio Day

Today is clean the studio day. It's become a jumbled mess of paints and boxes of supplies and who knows what. Since I work in cramped quarters, sharing my studio with two computers and a whole lot of laundry, I have been sitting monk style on the floor working on my painting. Needless to say after about 45 minutes my back is aching, I need a break and some stretches and it's just not conducive to being productive. Time to change the method!
The painting is coming along well, I have got a lot of work done on it this weekend. I have also created a lot of work with each new thing I add to it. Taking small snapshots of it as it progresses has been fun, I like looking at the little details. It gives me ideas for new compositions.
It's just after 6am and I wonder why in the hell I'm up so early?

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