Monday, May 19, 2008

This was no Colony Collapse

I just fell off the blog wagon but now I'm back!
A brand new painting is well underway and I will be showing it soon at a prestigious spot....the Dallas Museum of Art! I'm really getting into some new color palettes and territory with this new piece. I'm excited!
I have been working on this piece for almost two months and it's driving me insane and yet I'm addicted to working on it. So many new ideas have come forth from this one.
I guess I should catch the blog readers out there up on what's been going on with me. Not a lot but oh so much. You know what I mean.
I have had a vacation, just finished up two events, got some press, had some drama (remind me to tell you about my crazy neighbor and the bugspray someday), sold two paintings, discovered some cool new places around town and generally have just been doing my thing.
I'm really looking forward to this small lull where I can just paint and refocus my energies and perspective. I'll be updating and hopefully soon will be sharing some new photos.

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