Thursday, November 06, 2008

Drudge Worker by Day, Go Go Girl by Night

It's true. I have a makeup kit full of falsie lashes. A closet full of polyester everything and boots, boots, boots! I'm mad about the 60's style and go go dancing is fun! I'm talking about REAL go go in fun clothes, not what immediately pops up if you type the word "go go dancer" into your search engine. Ai ai ai! Not that at all!
As I get ready for yet another night of fun and frolic with The Lollipop Shoppe (which I dj at and organize) I can't help but groove out to some fun stuff on youtube to get me in gear. So I'll be spotlighting some of the gorgeous girls of Go Go here and I hope you have fun learning about go go and it's history...

first up....odd go go with Raquel Welch

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