Monday, February 09, 2009

The Happygolitely Project

Today I was contacted about participating in the Happygolitely Project and it made me smile. First a little back history on how it came to be. Once upon a blue moon I blogged about Sushi Ed, do you remember him? He is the creation of Girlgolite on Because I blogged about Sushi Ed I was sent a free little sushi ed in the mail and he was cute as can be and I smiled and showed him off then it struck me that someone I knew really could use a little good fortune and so I sent him to my brother via mail. My brother just happens to be in a despairing place where he cannot see friends and family for a long while so he needed the smile more than me. ;-)
Well, the Happygolitely project is a lot like that. Spreading happiness to people who need it. But Girlgolite can explain it so much better so I will push you over to her blog now, softly mind you...go get your happiness on now here!

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