Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snapshot: David Mausey

David Mausey Photography model Melissa Miaow (Lolli Dolly Go Go Dancer)

I am fortunate to be in a strange little vortex where creative and magical people always gravitate. I like to call that vortex "Lollipop Shoppe", since that is how I usually meet all the creative folk in my life...and most of my good friends for that matter. I am lucky enough to sometimes connect those people to other people to help them in their endeavors. The photographer David Mausey is one of the people I wanted to show off and connect you to.
I met David Mausey at one of our Spy Night parties, sneaking around shooting pics. We both laughed that every photo shot of me had me with eyes closed! D'oh! David is fun and easy to chat with and I like that in a photographer- he puts you at ease and so I was delighted when he volunteered to shoot my band The Shapes. We're planning on using some of his stuff for our album. He has a very sexy style that shines through in his pics of the ladies,here are a few of my favorites!

He also does some beautiful wedding portraiture alongside his edgy fashion stuff, check out both his sites and portfolios here:
And keep your eye out for our debut album featuring some of his lovely work!

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