Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let the Records Show!

So much to blog so little alertness this morning. I'll start with telling you about these little records I've been painting. I know I've blogged about them before but they have become a big interest of mine of late.
Any time I had my painted records somewhere to show they would immediately get bought up so I figured these records were perfectly fine little canvasses to work on and I would continue on them and see where I could go with them. Of late I've been doing floral designs and coating the records in full vibrant colors....ding, ding, ding-we have a winner! People are loving them and I couldn't be happier. Nothing sparks a boost of confidence in an artist like people snatching up their little works like hotcakes. I have orders upon orders and as soon as I get through the orders I have potential shows. Not enough time in the day! So grateful that my work is appreciated and thankful that I can sit long enough to work on them. I have not forgotten the days when sitting for 5 minutes was a painful endeavor. On that front,still working hard at getting my back strong. It's been a tough trip with this injury but I think these little records pulled my spirits back up. That and the support of all my friends and lots of supportive strangers! I just started a facebook fan page for my art and the support has been amazing.
At any rate when I get caught up on orders you can find my new records and other art pieces at my etsy shop!


Billy K said...

What a lovely way to ruin a perfectly good record!

fuzzbuzz said...

Ok, I'll be giving you a wonderful Barbra Streisand record for Christmas this year- UNPAINTED! muah ha ha!