Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fresh Wax!

In between commission orders I've tried to sneak in a little extra record to put on Etsy, I'm curious how well they will do there. I sold one last week and am experimenting with another. The whole weekend was consumed with record painting and shipping and yesterday I had "one of those days" finally....I was wondering when it would come. One of those days when nothing was coming out right. I was having issue after issue with paint not drying properly, messy bleeding lines...finally I just had to stop and say it wasn't meant to be today. I'll jump on the wagon today. It happens. If you're not in the mood I have found forcing it to not be the best idea. Learning curve, I'm on it!
I'm hoping my gridwall and shipping supplies come in today. That will boost my spirits! Reading a lot of small businesses advice and trying to stay motivated as I hit that last treacherous part of my plan...so close you can taste it but not quite there yet. Have to stay on track and stick to my guns.
Happy creating and reading!

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