Saturday, June 05, 2010

Old friends and Octopii

Last nights LIVE painting event went over well and as much fun as I had painting in front of everyone and selling some stuff it was more awesome to reconnect with some old friends I hadn't seen in ages. Thanks to the travel gods for sending them through town to see me and for facebook for reconnecting me with some old high school chums! Some of my work friends even stopped by to check it out, yay!
It was a little weird painting in front of people and trying to chat and keep my eye on prospective customers but I handled it. Everyone seemed to love the records and a few people took some photos of me painting.

I love my new gridwall, this was it's maiden is a little heavy though so I was thankful for the help of my buddy Sam and his lovely wife Andria who got it there and helped load and lug it to and fro (thanks Sam and Andria!). The ArtLoveMagic team who host these events were super nice and supportive and I loved the laid back atmosphere of the coffee shop. Heard some good open mic-ers and peeped everyones art...some really cool stuff...from 3d guitar art to intricate Mayan paintings to decked out bejewelled telephones and really neat abstract paintings...there was something for everyone!
I sold both my Octopus records and the Crazy Bird Mobile as well as a framed print. Enjoyed fun with friends and even got an origami bird from the kid at the next table. :-) All in all a wonderful way to spend the evening!

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Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC, Johnny saw your stuff and said you should be charging 100 bones for those lovely artsy vinyls! Very proud AS ALWAYS of my lil sis! Just FANTASTIC!