Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fun with Records

So one of the people who bought a record art from me on Friday is a United Record pressing employee! He (Jay) put a nice little shout out for me on the United Record Pressing facebook fanpage! I think that is terribly cool, the place where little records get made before they fall into my hands many years later and get turned into artworks.
Updated my Etsy shop with a few more records and this week it's order crackin' time. Have some customs to do for people now that the hub-bub of art shows is quiet. By the by both of my records in the Gingerama art show sold and some of the proceeds went to benefit the SPCA so I was glad I could help and that the records went to good homes.
Returning back to work today from "vacation" land...hope it's not too painful. I feel more resolved than ever though about my little business taking off. I have made some wonderful connections lately and have gotten positive feedback so I'm feeling pretty good about things. Have a wonderful week!

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René said...

Yay! Keep making cool art! It's great to have a creative outlet.