Friday, April 10, 2009

Beatlemania hasn't bitten the dust

Well this is the next event I'm involved in and I'm happy to say it's right down the street from my house in my very own little hood of Oak Cliff. It's part of the Oak Cliff art crawl going on that weekend. This is going to be fun, for one thing I LOVE the BEATLES, for another I LOVE SODA! And if that isn't enough....and it is really, I have a couple little pieces of art in this show. In fact I'm finishing one and starting one this weekend. It's the vinyl record paintings I've blogged about. I really want to take a picture to show you but then where's the mystique? Where's the unveiling? The big surprising moment? I will have to post after the opening dear readers! Wah wah wah! Im such a tease! If you are in the metreoplex do stop down for a sip and a sashay as I spin Beatles tunes and my lovely go go troupe makes ya dizzy Miss Lizzy!

1 comment:

Billy K said...

You should paint soda bottles. Paint ON soda bottles, I mean, not paint images of soda bottles.

Also, please don't spin any post-Revolver Beatles.