Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun with Sinuses!

So my allergies and what is possibly a chicken bone lodged in my throat caused me to have one fun day on Monday. I had to go to TWO doctors offices, one my regular old quack and the other an "ear, nose, throat" specialist. That little photo up there of the scope? That is what was inserted into my nose, only that one looks a lot more high tech and the one I had probing me looked like it was circa 70. For real!
So the scope goes into your nose (after having some numbing spray squirted into your snoot that tastes like Pine Sol, you with me? PINE SOL!)and slides down your throat. Gag. GAG! The whole time I had my eyes closed trying to meditate away the scope. This isn't really happening. This isn't really happening. But it was happening and it was not fun, no not fun at all!
About the chicken bone, because I know you're dying to know. I ate some nice very soft baked chicken not too long ago. It was so soft the freaking bone came right off into my food and I ended up swallowing it. By the time I felt it poke the back of my throat there was no coughing the offender out. Then it moved a few days later to the nether regions of my throat. I am convinced it is still in there because I feel something painful when I try to sing. The doctor said my allergies and throat were so bad and red he couldn't see the bone and has me on all these meds and sprays. I have to go see him in another week and Im crossing my fingers the old retro scope sin't anywhere in sight for this! ;O Pray for me friends! This is some kind of voodoo it just has to be!


Billy K said...

OPh gawd...trying so hard not to make funny jokes. Sympathy is not nearly as much for as mockery.

René said...

Sorry about the sinuses, doesn't sound like fun.