Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm still alive in this hive

Yes, I suck. And now that we've agreed on that I will get on with the post.
Spring is kicking my butt. Stuff is blooming and flying and sprouting which makes me sneezy, stuffy and turns my mouth sideways. I love the Spring but it kills me. Time to go back to Doctor for nose spray. Sigh!

I've just wrapped up a huge painting I haven't posted and started a new one and started another little experiment. I'm painting on vinyl as in records. Somehow a disdainful LoverBoy lp made it's way into my house and it has become my first experiment. Muah ha ha!

Also I have discovered Facebook and it is a little addictive but annoying, I admit. But that's only a small part of why I've been away from this blog so long. The other part is that I've kinda hit one of those energy slumps and I just don't feel like my vitamin c or octane is kicking in. I'm sure this has everything to do with allergies! But I will try, I have lots of photos to post and catch up on this blog so buzz along with me if you're still here!
Will post photos of LoverBoy desecration art when it's done!

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