Monday, August 02, 2010

This One Goes To 11!

The Shapes: The Shapes

11 Songs of Jangly Rockin' Pop from Deep in the Heart of Texas!
The album sees the light of day today! On sale officially! What a long and winding road to get here. What a struggle! What a fight! And here it is at long last!
So where can you get one? CD BABY for one, just follow that fancy button up there. It will let you preview songs and download the ones you want or buy the whole album and have them send it to you!
It is also on itunes and locally can be snagged at Good Records. So go snag. Or if you're super smart and savvy you can meet us at the Windmill Lounge tonight for the CD RELEASE LISTENING PARTY AND RADIO TAKEOVER! It really couldn't get a longer name.
It's the long awaited (by us) release of our debut album! We'd love to have a drink with you as we share the sounds of our very first full length!
Bring a radio or your favorite boombox and we'll build a mountain of sound! We will be broadcast on the radio (Sonic Assembly Power Hour KNON 89.3) at the Windmill Lounge with entertainment by DJ MR RID who will be playing the whole album for your listening pleasure! Then we'll meet you over there for drinks and fun! The album will be on sale for only $6 at this event only! On site screenprinted shirts will be available for sale by SHIRTS=AWESOME
Shapes stickers will be free for all our guests!
Can't be there in person? Even if you can't be there in person we invite you to tune in as Lance and I will be ON THE AIR!
Listen to KNON 89.3fm or webcast at TUESDAY AUGUST 3RD 10PM
*Thanks To DJ Mark Ridlen and Reid Robinson for not only helping to put this event together but for actually working on the record to make it sound good for your ears!

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