Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Riding the Strange Waves

Since last I visited here my life has been touched with melancholy and grief. I see my last post was joyous and triumphant. How was I to know that in that very month my Dad would pass away unexpectedly.
I had always cringed a little to read such personal accounts on other peoples blogs. I wondered at how they had the courage to let the whole world know, the extent of their sadness. I had no idea, the weight of it all...but now I do.
But I won't dwell on the sadness but rather on all the wonderful gifts my father gave to me. Not only do I have a renewed appreciation for life and the fleeting beauty of each day but also for my artistic abilities my Dad always nurtured in me.
So in my sorrow I find comfort in the paintbrush and pushing my skills to those my Dad would be proud of. To sign his last name to every piece when it is done gives me a pride inside - that his legacy lives on through me.
I will be showcasing a bunch of stuff I am making for Etsy here,as well as my own personal paintings... trying to make a living with my own two hands and my paintbrush for now. Prepared to sack groceries should things get dire but for now...painting is my therapy.
My Dad wrote in my birthday card once "Enjoy the Life"... and I am and invite you to do the same.
Thanks for reading and happy creating!
(image featured: detail from my latest canvas "NEST: Little Dreams")

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