Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm not even sure what to say about the events that have just transpired. They have been so challenging, illuminating and made me feel something.....odd...."lucky" is a good word. I have felt very lucky the past few weeks. I am definitely in gratitude mode and the golden sunshine streaming through my window today was the first thing I thanked. It is going to be a beauty of a day.
I guess a quick recap is in order since I haven't blogged much here. I have been so wrapped up with the art of poverty blog and getting everything ready for Good Morning Texas and UNDERGROUND.
So it has been a marathon around here of painting up a storm, getting fresh pieces for both of these things BACK TO BACK. Deciding what I should take on TV and what should go to the Janette Kennedy Gallery and then hustling some vinyl record pieces (which I knew would be hot tickets at UNDERGROUND) has consumed my life the past couple of weeks. Then there was the ride wrangling and supplies I needed to borrow from here and there and everywhere. Meetings to go to, things to schedule and reschedule and ICE! Which threw a big wrench into a lot of my plans but you have to adjust and keep on going. Not to mention my bike TUCO has a flat tire and I need him to everything practically! Groceries and post office runs will not be possible without TUCO!
So, many people popped out of the woodwork to help me in so many ways that it is hard to feel like a hermit right now. Last night I certainly did not feel like a hermit as I sat in the gallery at UNDERGROUND painting live surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people and artists and people in body paint and devils on was a sensory overload!
My friend Lorena (who helped me MAJOR last night) took photos and I'll be posting them soon. It was a crazy night, my whole stack of business cards disappeared QUICK! My mailing list grew without me having to butter people up.

(these pieces drew rave reviews!)
I had a great spot in the gallery and two pieces in particular had people like moths to a flame, I got so many wonderful compliments and interest in my work that I had a permanent smile glued to my face all night. Wait, it's still here this morning!
The painting I was working on live sold before the paint was even dry (yay Moustachiopus!), old friends and new came out to say hi and wish me well.

I got to meet Joe from 420 Tattoos in Denton as he came to visit his Jimi Hendrix piece he bought from me. I got asked if I did tattoo art because my line work was excellent. I got blogged and promoted by some awesome people like Schmidty who wrote a nice piece about ArtLoveMagic here. And the lovely Cori Berg who used my painting over at her lovely blog Sacred Arts: Healing Art Gallery, cameras were going off all was good vibrations and a nice wind down to all the work I had been doing.
The precursor to this was the GOOD MORNING TEXAS show which had my facebook CRAZY with wonderful peeps cheering me on and cyber high fiving me all over the place. I got some new blog followers and interest in my work, my stat counter went off the chart and I got some nice emails from strangers saying they were impressed with my work and loved my idea. I AM WRAPPED IN LOVE SWEET LOVE.
So Valentines weekend has given all this sweet love to me and I send it out to you. THANK YOU ALL, EVERY ONE OF YOU! You make the world a better place, you bring a smile to my face :) Happy Valentines Day tomorrow and remember to let the people in your life that mean the most know it!

(*my paintings will be on view until Feb 26th at the Janette Kennedy Gallery 1409 S. Lamar in the Southside on Lamar building)

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