Friday, March 04, 2011

Life offline

I've been offline almost all week and I have to has felt pretty AWESOME. I had taken myself out of cyber commission because I had some....COMMISSION work to do (and still do) and facebook and Hour Swap upkeep really does eat a big chunk of the day.
I had promised no blogging but here I find myself, cup of coffee in front of this damn screen.
Not doing Hour Swaps for about a week and a half has felt strange. On one hand it has been nice to not have to report to "the office" every morning and pester the world with For Sale signs (which it feels like sometimes) and on the the other hand I have missed it. I'll be picking it up again next week though and I have been CREATING Hour Swaps....just not posting them every morning.
I'm getting ready for an HOUR SWAP SHOW!

So I'm balancing this commission project with prepping for the art show which has made me one busy bee.
Yesterday I was feeling a little tired of endless painting and looked outside longingly at the awesome weather and made a decision. WORK OUTSIDE.
So I did and it was refreshing and if the weather holds out that is where you can find me. It is my goal to spend as much time outside as possible.
But I wanted to get back to my real reason for blogging this morning. I want to tout the virtues of disconnecting from your social network for a few days. It truly is a reset button! I still have much to do in the way of breaking bad habits but disconnecting was the first step, next step will be not having ANY meals at my computer or checking emails every 30 minutes out of boredom.
I have discovered it is very liberating to :
1. Not know what everyone else is doing at any given moment of the day
2. Not know what a stranger had for lunch
3. Not know what really gets on Person X's nerves
4. Not have everyone else know what YOU had for lunch, where you are and what gets on your nerves.
5. Have TIME to read, sit outside and have tea, pet the neighbors cat, tidy up your house and get stuff done!

It was feeling like I was reporting to this computer on my every daily action. ROBOT XPR reporting for duty, here is my work MegaComp, I am going to go eat cereal now, yay I got some coupons in the mail for cat food, my cat is really getting on my nerves, i'm going to go eat a tuna fish sandwich now, blah....blah....blah...
And here I am blogging, does the irony never cease! :D
Disconnect. Go Outside. Reconnect with the "Old Ways" before the internet...I think we used to play outside, work in our yards and read? Right?


René said...

You are so productive it's unbelievable! You really are a busy bee in a hive! I think you are on to something with the hour swap idea. Maybe you can have an hour auction also, so that the item gets posted in the morning, then in the evening all online bidding must take place within the hour? The swaps could also be saved up for a couple hours the weekend, so you can swap the whole week's creations in one session, then spend the rest time playing outside. ;-)

fuzzbuzz said...

:) More playing outside is the way to go! Yes,I'm definitely going to have to revamp the Hour Swap mould so that it is more productive time-wise for me. It might be relegated to two days of the week as opposed to five and the other days will be creating and productivity days...several swaps in a day as opposed to one.
Always keep it changing and fun :)
I think you are so productive it's unbelievable, I hung your postcard on my fridge to remind myself to get moving and eat healthy :) Thanks for inspiring!