Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Art News! Me in the Museum

Dear friends,
You are all cordially invited to see my newest paintings on view at the Dallas Museum of Art.

The 2008 exhibition entitled “Insider Art” opens July 18 and runs through November 23, 2008.
This is a group exhibition of museum Staff work. The exhibition will be installed on Mezzanine 2 in the hallway just outside of the Library and Imaging office spaces.

I worked really hard on my paintings and would love for you to see them on view in this auspicious setting!

Directions if you're in the atrium (cafe area)...hit the stairwell that runs directly from the atrium and go through the first glass doors on your right, ba-da-bing- you are there! I have two pieces in the show and theres lots of great work on view.

Support the arts! ;-)

Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N Harwood
Dallas, Tx 75201..


kathydkeith said...

Hi! That is so cool that you are showing work at the DMA!!!

Remember me from the table next to you at the Etsy Dallas Valentine's Trunk Show?


fuzzbuzz said...

Of course I remember you Kathy! Let me know if you get another groovy butterfly mobile ;-) Thanks for reading my humble blog!