Thursday, July 31, 2008

Visual and Audio: bringing it into HARMONY

While I thank my lucky stars that music and art are in my blood sometimes I wonder where my extra gas tank is. How is someone supposed to have the energy to create new paintings AND practice in a band? Not to mention the "work" that goes into pushing both those things into the publics eye gently and gracefully so you don't get the reaction of "OW! OK ALREADY!". It's a tough road. I'm a whiner.
I'm currently trying to balance the scales once again, working on a new painting and trying to jumpstart the Shapes as we near the end of recording. Mainly what we're doing now is production work, album art, logos, making those things that lazy musicians hate...decisions. Theres a few loose ends to re-record. I am not happy at all with my vocals on "I Don't Wanna Know" so back to the drawing board we go. And Mark Ridlen (Lithium Xmas) is helping us with production stuff, the sprinkles and cherries and bits of Oreo cookies that make stuff good and bad for you.
It all takes time and as much time as we have taken- it takes more. More and more. I think the best thing to do is just to let it happen, whether it be the painting or the record. I think a lot of meditation is going to get me through this. I expect expensive champagne when this baby finally drops into the stores.

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René said...

Keep doing whatever you're doing - it rocks!