Sunday, January 04, 2009


Here I be!
My move into the new hive caused this bee to go into nesting mode. I've been all about decluttering, purging, cleaning and organizing. I neglected my blog but I'm back! Of course all that stuff isn't done yet (will it ever be?) but I'm trying to find the balance in things. All work and no play will just make me tired and grumpy.
The holidays were sweet and mellow, like a fine honey...the way they should be. I got some nice little gifties for a few friends off (go etsy!) and also at the Jingle Bash the Etsy Dallas team threw at Sons of Hermann Hall.
The holidays also left me with it's own present - a couple extra pounds- but I was expecting it.... almost anticipating it...Christmas stollen and Panettone (which I never tasted since my cats decided to throw it in the floor), chocolate covered gingerbread cookies, wines and fine cheeses and of course the uber-rich dinners. I'm not complaining, it was fine living for the taste buds but now it's time to pay the piper. I'm back at the gym with a renewed zest and Operation Bruce Lee resumes again! I got a neat-o Bruce Lee action figure for Christmas to help remind me about OBL.
My paintings are back home with me and it's nice to have them around so I can be inspired for the next canvas. I'm about 70% done with the one I was working on before I moved. I have it out in full view in my bedroom so I can see it all the time and let the creative process do it's little subconscious cooking on it. I plan to start on it as soon as I carve out a little creative room for me to work in.
I've been reading lately as well, something I had long neglected thinking I didn't have time for it. I'm reading Eugen Herrigel's "The Method of Zen". It's a little uphill reading for me and I fully intend to read it about 3 times to grasp all the concepts and then maybe read it another 3. It's a good challenge to my brain and I welcome reading his "Zen in the Art of Archery" next.
I saw a cool art show (still on view at the Dallas Museum of Art) called "Take Your Time". The artist is Olafur Eliasson and it really is a wonderful show that kinda defies my words. It is all light,color and intangibles, mist, shadows and perception. That truly is my best description of this installation artists exhibit. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be in Black and White definitely step through the multi faceted mirror tunnel and take a look yourself. Here's a photo I found on the web of the tunnel.

Ok, so we've gotten into the moving, holidays, my reading and art...all that's left to cover is my music. The album is in it's last stages of mixing! I go in the studio today to tweak all the little annoying things that irk me then we're laying a few little lush extras onto it and voila! I expect to start pressing in a few weeks. Not a bad way to start 2009, new album, new painting and a new zest for being where I am at the moment.
Happy New Year readers, hope this year is all you make of it!

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