Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Life Was Saved By Rock and Roll

photo by David Mausey http://www.mauseyfashion.com/
Does anyone know what a relief it is to release an album? Especially one that shoulda been done and gone like 3 years ago? Well, I can't wait to feel that relief and it's coming soon. We have about 2-3 more sessions at Hai-Tex studio, mixing down this 11 song monster (12 songs? maybe? hmm?)and then we'll be set to master and press. No foolin' this time, it's the really, real deal.
I'm working on artwork, photos, layout and schemes for the rest of the month. The only thing delaying this sucker is cash flow. Thanks economy!
Keep up on the release and future show dates here:
The best thing about releasing this beast? Moving on with 2009 and new songs at long last. Yep!

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Edward Ruiz Art said...

I really like the new photos of the band, the ambiguous season triggers many emotions it's a surreal feeling .

like the duds!