Friday, January 16, 2009

Sharing Creative Spaces

What will make a starving artist more depressed than the fact that they're a starving artist? Not having a work space, that's what!
So it came to be I found myself newly moved into a new hive, organizing my lifes accumulations (and my boyfriends), trying to find a place for everything and neglecting one of the most important things to my spirit. My creative space. So I've been here almost 4 months without picking up a paintbrush and I began to feel a little despair sinking in. Nothing feels worse than just being a drudge worker at a 9-5 with no creative outlet. So I remedied that and in a hurry!
I love seeing peoples creative spaces, even if it's just a little table wedged into a nook where one can sit down and create.
For the time being I am having to share my creative space with...well, the whole house and the majority of the house members are my cats. We will see how this works out because as you can see they already have staked claim on my drawing table.
But I would love to see everyones creative spaces too, it is almost as inspiring as the art one creates. Feel free to send a link to a picture of your creative space or email me the pic at and I'll post your little workstation...make sure to tell me what you create there and a link to your work.
Mine is still a work in progress because I still need to stake out a corner by the window to do my actual canvases at. But here is the little area I carved out in my dining room and some ideas for using votives as brush holders.

decorative ceiling fan blades adorn the wall, owl graphic by One Up Designs, supply baskets and magazine bins from Family Dollar, table resurfaced with wood grain contact paper (Family Dollar), green Ikea storage boxes make great hideaways for scrapbook paper and paper goods!


Bagladee said...

Love your crafting space, if you check out my blog we're converting our loft so that I can have a sewing room/studio....stage photos at the mo. x

captain groovy said...

beats the crap out of your last "space".

Billy K said...

There are giant cockroaches on your wall.

fuzzbuzz said...

Ah, those are ceiling fan blades shaped like leaves Billy. And Groovy, yes it is much larger than my last space.
Popping over to see bagladees blog now! ;-)

Billy K said...

Those are ceiling fan blades shaped like cockroaches.

Lorene Herrera said...

Billy is hilarious. I love your space, looks a little similar to mine, although I won't be taking any pics of it as my camera f'd up or I don't know I think it is just the battery. At any rate, great space. Oh, and you go to go to Tara's closing. I wanted to go, but couldn't make it.