Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Free Love...Tuesdays?

Yeah, I know. Last year it was Free Love Fridays and it had a great ring to it. Alliteration. Awesome. But I'm being random and spontaneous the way I can be so today is Free Love Tuesdays without rhyme or reason or..alliteration.
I have neglected my etsy shop for awhile. I've been bad. It looks like the hurricane hit my little shack by the sea and only little remnants are left. Just a sign I was loved and bought from last year is all. Just more space for new things. But i peeked into that little magic section where people give you a heart if they like your shop and lo and behold...some freakin' unbelievable cuteness I swear!


little lychee tree magnet

upset stomach magnet

peanut butter and jelly sandwich magnet

Crazy cute little woolen magnets are just the perfect thing to decorate your fridge with. I think the upset stomach magnet would serve as a good reminder that too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will make for a tummy ache! Too cute, I love em, I love em!
Check out these cuties at ChrisCreatures shop on etsy:


Edward Ruiz Art said...

very cool i like this puffy stuff.

grobot said...

I love the expression on the face of that 'upset stomach'. Really adorable.

*store favorited*

fuzzbuzz said...

looks like a sick cat smile ;D