Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness

I could've sworn that just last week I was lazing in my backyard taking in some sunshine and worrying about making some moolah to keep afloat. Next thing I know I am in the thick of 5 different things, it feels like. Let's recap...
First I have secured all my major paintings into a gallery that will be opening soon. That is all the word I have but will keep you posted when everything comes to light- but I am for sure going to be showing at this wonderful gallery very, very soon!
Secondly this "thing" I've been waiting to hear back on for about a month....this "thing" I had already given up hope on and hid all emails about because it was so frustrating finally popped back up. Unfortunately this "thing" is a secret "thing" that I'm not even sure is a "sure thing". How vague can I be? We'll just say this thing would be a nice freelance gig that will pay my bills and allow me to paint if I can get it going. Wish me luck, on Monday I start trying to get this "thing" rolling.
Today I am going to my old college because I've been offered a very, very part time gig teaching Drawing class once a week. A little cash and a big challenge! Me? Teaching? Can I do it? I'll know more after I go fill out paperwork today and find out some more info. A very out-of-the-blue opportunity. I used to work at my college a long time ago and loved it, great vibe, great people....will be interesting to go back.
And then I've got to hustle making some small paintings for three things- one is a writers group that wanted me to come speak on April 2nd about my Hour Swap Project and I'm donating a piece to them as a prize for a contest they are having.
The other is a joint show with artist Jw Tarin at the Cedar Springs Library which kicks off in April. And next week I'm meeting with a local business about showing my art in their fine establishment- which I think will have good clientele seeing my stuff. So I have a lot of painting to do to build up my "SHOW" pieces as I literally have NOTHING to show right now. A very odd feeling!
I also have about three commissions on the stove so.....whoooo! Total Busy Bee that can take on NOTHING else right now, thanks. Unless it's a big thing like a show at the Met or something.
My plate is full right now! Thank you very much!
But really, thanks Universe....let's see how this all pans out!

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