Monday, March 21, 2011

Time enough for everything

I am trying to juggle so many things right now. A favorite mantra comes to mind, "time enough for everything". I guess it is only ME making myself rush and feel like theres not enough time in the day-when I guess really there is. I don't really have deadlines on some of these things- just personal deadlines I set for myself. So-in REALITY I can not stress and do what I need to do steadily. Like the ol' turtle racing the hare. I will get there!
Today is supply getting day and gym day. I have missed gym for about two weeks due to injuries and am in sore need of it now. In place of the gym I have been doing little mini hikes every morning for about two miles. A beautiful way to get your heart rate up and it's been easy on my back. Ready for Pilates and the elliptical machine today though.
I worked all weekend on the Hour Swaps for tomorrow, I'm trying a new method out and trying to have 10 swaps a week...5 on Tuesday and 5 on Thursday. Will have to see how it works out, I also need time to work on commissions and my personal work so I'm trying to balance all of this...I think that was the original purpose of this post. Balance.
The photo above is a detail from one of the Hour Swaps I'll be offering tomorrow. "Lucky Springtime Hare"
acrylic and ink on canvas board
11" x 14"
to bid on it tomorrow simply head over to my blog:
Time to get this day started, Happy Spring Time everyone!

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