Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Studio Life!

Last Sundays show wiped out ALL the little Art pieces in my studio, leaving only these behind to show to galleries, clients, etc. SO....
Back to work like a busy little bee trying to build up a swarm of new pieces. Luckily the weather is turning fine and I can paint outdoors and be inspired and luckily facebook is being stupid and making it hard for me to post. That is good. I need to be working anyway. :)
Spring cleaning, getting the studio organized because some gallery peeps are coming to look at my stuff here and painting like theres no tomorrow because i promised some people I'd be coming by to show them stuff soon and I've got an art show in the works (more details TBA). And commissions to finish!
I am busy in the studio but you'll see me Tuesdays and Thursdays with affordable art for you dear friends! :) See you in little spots- here and there!

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