Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sun and Moon

Above my bed is a little ceramic wall decoration I bought in Monterrey. It is a little painted crescent moon with a slight smile and next to the moons face is a tiny little sun. The sun is dark blue, serious looking with a flower painted on it's head. The moon is bright and the center of attention.
I bought this piece for multiple reasons. One I bought it from my fathers hometown of Monterrey when we went to attend to his funerary arrangements and meet with the family. I wanted something from Monterrey to hang in my home and remind me of my roots. Also I bought it because it reminded me of a little poem/song my Dad would say to us when we were crying toddlers and he was trying to distract and cheer us up:

Allá está la luna,
Comiendo su tuna,
Turando las cáscaras,
Para la laguna.

(Yonder is the moon,
Eating her prickly pear
Throwing the peelings
towards the lake.)

But lastly it has become a symbol I use to remind myself that with the Day also exists the Night. The light needs the dark and vise versa and one or the other will always be on the flipside of the other.
Life and Death. Night and Day. Sadness and Happiness.
Sun and Moon.

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