Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My website has been down since January so yesterday while I was home with the crud I called up the support team and got that thing back up. Granted, it's a slow work in progress and I'm having to start from scratch but the most basic of basic info is back up and that makes me feel a little better.
Some friends offered to help get it snazzy so looking forward to teaming up with people with know-how to accomplish that daunting task.
Home with the crud again, breathing and speaking hurt so I'm just gonna shut up and take meds and sleep most likely. I do so hate being sick!
But havent been a complete slog- posted a painting on Ebay because I hear people actually buy art on there, check thelisting and you'll see the painting up for auction.
Updated my flickr with some photos of the records and will try to be better about tagging, posting and updating...all this stuff you gotta do to keep your name and links out there. Promoting yourself is feeling like the hardest job on the planet right now. Looking into google analytics and trying to figure out the ins and outs of increasing traffic. Bored yet? Me too!
The crazy winds in Texas are kicking something sinister into my nasal caves and making it hard to concentrate-so with that I bid my dear readers adieu for the day. Keep creating and finding your inspiration in the most unseemly places!
When I return to blogsville I will update you on something cool on my calendar and a little info about a new arty group I've met up with that give me hope for this town yet!

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