Thursday, May 06, 2010

Commencing Countdown Engines On

Gridwall is here! What is gridwall? Its that cagey looking stuff you see at little craft/art fairs or really anywhere someone is selling stuff. It's used to hang stuff on and soon it's going to be used to hang MY stuff on! It is starting to come together piece by piece, slowly but surely.
This weekend in between working, a friends crawfish boil and Mothers Day I plan to re-do my little working space in my dining room. I share it with my cats and it's in constant upheaval and right now it is just not working. I need the big window to sit by in order to be happy. I need the Spring sunshine coming in but right now that window is blocked with an ugly shelving unit. Time to make my space an inspirational place to work.
Aside from piece-mealing my little soon to be biz together I'm counting down the days until I can leap from the cliff of the workaday world and see if I can sink or swim. It's time to challenge myself and change it up. That and getting ready to release the Shapes album in a few weeks.
I am on day 58 of my countdown.
I have put the prints back in the shop and acquired a new scanner/printer...nothing fancy but should get the job of invoices, basic printing done, etc. Every week from here on out will be chipping away at the mountain little by little. Still scouting out consignment shops and various places to get the records in.


Billy K said...

Engines? What engines?

René said...

Good luck with the album!

fuzzbuzz said...

Thanks sis! I'll send you a copy when it hits! ;-)