Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prime Time

Yesterday I spent the morning priming records and the better part of the afternoon doing two orders. A friend of mine requested her Chinese zodiac animal-A Tiger, to be put on a record and here is the end result
which I posted on facebook and immediately got a ton of feedback on. Now I have some more orders in the queue for Tiger&Blossom and it also sparked some custom orders. Busy bee over here! I am really gonna need that week of vacation thats coming up in less than 2 weeks!
I have to get ready for the June Art&Coffee that's hosted by ArtLoveMagic and a friend of mine is also talking to me about doing a few vinyl pieces for an impromptu show (more details TBA) in June. June is going to be a happening month. I'm gonna try to crack out a record order every evening until I'm caught up.
(Want to pre-order a Tiger&Blossom? $40 I'll be updating my facebook group with instructions on pre-orders this week!)

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