Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Shape of Things To Come

Right now our album is being made into little round cd shapes and in 2 weeks we'll have em in our hot little hands! This is just an 11 song debut, a history of all the songs we've written together with our old drummer Chuck Spurlock who is no longer in the band. Putting out this album has taken it's toll to be sure but I think we're ready to move forward up the mountain with our new drummer Guyton and get this record heard. We pressed a small 500 run so if anyones interested in getting this album let me know, we havent even discussed how much we're charging but it won't be expensive.
We had our first practice in 9 months yesterday and it wasn't as catastrophic as I thought it would be. However I did learn two things, fingers ain't what they used to be and guitar needs to go to the hospital finally. Alignment, intonation, the whole 9 yards....poor baby. My gigging amp is blown as well so being in a band ain't cheap! ;-(
Aside from getting this album out I'm juggling the June ART&COFEE show coming up as well as Gingerama in the same weekend. It's a good thing I have vacation next week, I think Im taking 2 solid days to work on record art before pushing it all aside for some R&R. Ok maybe 3 days...I know myself too well.
Remind me to post my hiking adventure here...let's just say it was not my intention to try and kill my boyfriend and there is a magical princess on a dashing steed who makes an appearance as well! Interested in The Shapes? We're linked in the sidebar of my blog!

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Anonymous said...

Heard about the near dehydration experience....I guess GPS does not come in handy on Hiking adventures.