Sunday, May 16, 2010

oranges and merengue

Finally a day off and the sicky spell I've been under seems to be going away. Woke up today full of creative energy so I think I will tackle my studio today. Sold a L'Orange and have to make another for a customer. I am loving that I now have a working printer to help me with my fonts and designs, the possibilities just grew by leaps and bounds!
Woke up to an email- someone wants to give me a stash of their old records. BY ALL MEANS! Please pawn off your Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, Loverboy and Hall and Oates on me..I will turn them into recycled record art and they will be loved once again!
I have also discovered a better way to attach the hangers on the backs of the records. Good ol' glue gun, is there nothing you can't do? So the records are just getting better with time and hopefully I'll have some time to work on a canvas soon. Theres a big juicy blank canvas sitting in my studio and I'm itching for some gallery time.
Speaking of which, I have had the pleasure of meeting up with an Art group in town called ArtLoveMagic that just seems to be doing the most amazing stuff. They throw art, music, live performance shows and they all seem very inclusive and open minded and dedicated to giving opportunities to artists wherever they can. Really?! In Dallas?!
I was fortunate to meet up with one of the founders over a big hunk of Norma's merengue pie and discuss the possibility of collaborating on something. I left with a good feeling in my gut that at long last I have met some people with some common ground after dealing with a lot of negative, pretension and territorialism that seems so rampant in this city. This feels good and I expect some good stuff to arise from this. If anything I definitely left our meeting inspired and hopeful.
Reconnected with an old friend who is helping me get my website back up to speed. So thankful. So thankful for nice friends who pop out of the woodwork with a smile and a helping hand. (Thank you Ryan Simpson!)
Hopefully my next post will find me telling you about The Shapes album thats about to be released. Heres a teaser photo of the cover...I really can't wait to get this thing OUT it's been years working on this thing and it only clocks in at like 31 minutes or something. Just a little heartfelt rock and roll album from a little band in Texas. Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!

check the sidebar on the left for a link to The Shapes facebook page!

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